It Just Gets Worse Over at the Racing Hall of Shame in Deagon – These Jokers Have to Be Pulling Our Leg Don’t They?


Yesterday we told you the story about how Racing Queensland disrespected the family of one of the state’s greatest ever jockeys, the sadly departed and much missed King of the Coast Kenny Russell, by neglecting until the last minute to advise Mrs Russell and her children that their hero and ours was to be inducted into the Queensland Racing Hall of Fame, and then adding insult to injury by issuing an invitation to attend the event less than 24 hours before the jump and and addressing it to ‘Mr and Mrs Ken Russell’, despite the fact that Kenny’s being riding ’em in heaven for the past 24 years.

Well sportsfans the word out of the Deagon bunker is that the King of the Coast debacle and the award of Queensland Horse of the Year to a filly who’s never actually started in the state weren’t the only total and utter balls up during the running of the awards, for it appears that no-one at Racing Queensland was prepared to shell out the five bucks to buy a Hall of Fame form guide and as a result the clowns on the judging panel tried to induct the same bloke twice!


Mel Schumacher circa 1963 might have pulled your leg punters, but I can assure you that Archie Butterfly is not.

You see some bright spark decided that Queensland’s greatest aboriginal jockey Richard ‘Darby’ McCarthy would also make a worthy addition to the ranks of the state’s greats, and nominated the champion horseman to go into the hall alongside Kenny.

The nomination was warmly received by the judging panel, and had made it all the way to a furlong short of the winning post when some free man picked up the phone and rang through to the deserted Eagle Farm press room where Sir Barton Sinclair (SBS) was having his mid arvo nap.


“By George Bart! Wake up!” the free man yelled down the line after SBS had finally picked up the phone on the 73rd ring and mumbled hello. “There’s a ring-in in the Darby! McCarthy’s already in the Hall of Fame. You can only win it once – he can’t around again! What price are are they betting about this latest nomination getting nutted?”

It had been 33 years since SBS last copped the press room call but the man with the world’s best retirement job had lost none of his speed – mainly because he’d never any to lose – and he raced out to the Eagle Farm paddock ring to check the boards, pushing his way through the thronged masses to get set at top odds on the nod.

SBS reached the front the queue in front of Brian Ogilvie’s stand and …………. awoke in a cold sweat and realised that it was all just a fine cotton picking dream.


But hadn’t Darby McCarthy OAM ridden for his Dad once upon a time?

Didn’t Darby  ride his horse Mullala to win the Stradbroke in 1963?

Hadn’t he been inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame in 2004?

“Sh*t! What a bloody stuff up! That’s what you get when you have Mexicans and non-racing folk running the racing industry: old SBS thought as ran a comb through his hair and admired his reflection in the mirrored glass ghost course owners bar window.

It was Friday arvo and there was only 24 hours to go until Darby was inducted for the second time. This would embarrass the whole industry. He had to stop it.

So Sir Bart Sinclair picked up the phone and dialed Racing Queensland, but it was engaged and he got the answering machine message.

“We are currently on the phone to Ken Russell’s wife inviting her and her husband to attend the Queensland Racing Awards. After that we’re knocking off and going to the pub so the blokes in the office can get tipsy and try to feel up the female staff. Please leave your name, number, and a short message and we will get back to you sometime within the next 12 months”

“Good luck, and have a winning day. Where are they racing again?”.




Mitchell Pearce, Blake Ferguson, Losing and the Art of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result –
Narcotics Anonymous

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and the weak of character fall to pieces. Mitchell Pearce and Blake Ferguson always fall to pieces in big games, season after season, year after year.

You would have thought that the used car salesman and Robbie and Gai Waterhouse’s son in law who run the Rooster might have learned a few lessons from NSW’s lonely 2014 Origin Series win wouldn’t you?

No Mitchell Pearce, no Blake Ferguson, finally the cockroaches win a series. Pearce and Ferguson return, and they never win one again. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out the equation do you?

Ecclesiastes, the Old Testament book said to be written by King Solomon back in about 400 BC,  had the whole game of footy sussed. It’s a shame that kids who go to school south of the Tweed don’t learn to read, otherwise things might be very different indeed, although then again, maybe not.

After all, at the end of the day King Solomon is Blake Ferguson’s uncle isn’t he?


So I turned to consider wisdom, madness and folly; for what will the man do who will come after the king except what has already been done? – 2:12

Blake Ferguson

Origin games – 7

Series wins – zero.

Spits on fans. Indecently assaults women.

That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. – 1:9

Mitchell Pearce

Origin games – 17.

Series wins – zero.

Pisses on himself. Roots dogs.

Whatever exists has already been named, and it is known what man is; for he cannot dispute with him who is stronger than he is. – 6:10


Get Back Inside With the Sauce Honey – And Get Winston on the Phone! – Election Night Sheep Shagger Style


As hard as it is to believe this is the NZ Labor leader and prospective Prime Minister Jacinda Arden pictured half an hour ago at her home watching the vote count on TV. There’s no flash party for Jacinda, just a dressing gown, PJ’s, uggies and a sausage sizzle for the media representatives who are in the back yard having a few beers.


Will Arden be in the big seat at the Beehive on Monday?

On the current primary count you wouldn’t think so – the early votes are running 46-36 against her, with the Greens (a certain Labor coalition party) pulling 6% – but the joker in the pack is NZ First, the cult of personality of the suavest guy in politics Winston Peters, who had had more political lives than a cat and is pulling about 7%, which under the vagaries of the Kiwi’s excellent electoral MMP system means whichever way he jumps will decide the government.

Who knows, Peters -a bloke in his 70’s who the missus would leave me in a heartbeat for, as would have the wives in New Zealand – might even demand the PM’s job himself as the price of his support. Anything’s possible.

Well, anything but one. You’ll never catch Winston Peters in his PJ’s and a pair of uggies.

Ya just have to love the Kiwi’s don’t ya?






Racing Queensland Treats the Family of a Maroon Riding Legend Like They Don’t Matter and Enters the Hall of Racing Shame – What a Bloody Disgrace


Ken Russell – King of the Coast, all round great bloke and all-time great Queensland jockey

Two weeks ago tomorrow Kenny Russell, one of the greatest Queensland jockeys in the history of racing, was rightfully inducted into the Queensland Racing Hall of Fame during a ceremony held at the same Queensland Racing Awards where a Sydney filly who’d never raced in this state was named as our best horse.

Yankee Rose may not have been a Queenslander, but Kenny Russell sure was, a dyed in the wool maroon to his bootstraps genius from the bush who came to town after riding 1000 winners on dusty outback tracks and took the racing game by storm. He was a legend Ken, one of the best jockeys you would ever hope to see in the saddle, and one of the most humble and decent gentleman you could ever hope to meet as well.

Kenny’s entry to the Hall of Fame was long-overdue and absolutely well-deserved, and the official ceremony conducted to confirm what all racing people already knew – that he was a legend – should have been a proud and joyous celebration for his wife Carol and his three kids Daniel, Christopher and Sara, who had the terrible misfortune of being at the Rosehill track on the 9th of October 1993 and watching their beloved husband and father die.

The Russell family lost the love of their lives that horrible day when his mount Tuig snapped its leg and the horse on his back ridden by Corey Brown didn’t have time to stop and crashed straight into and over him. In the blink of an eye the Russell family’s father, lover, hero, mentor. provider and best mate was gone.

Gone, but never forgotten, and 24 years later the time came for Ken’s brilliance to be rec recognised and rewarded by his elevation to the pantheon of Queensland racing greats. Like I said, it should have been a night of joy for Carol and Ken’s kids, a night when they could put the sadness of their loss aside and celebrate their father’s achievements in the sport he loved and for which he died.

Yeah, it should have been the Russell’s night, and it would have been too except for one tiny huge thing.

Racing Queensland forgot to invite them.

I kid you not.

What a bloody disgrace. Every single bastard involved should be sacked.


Carol Russell (above) with a couple of Ken’s mates at his memorial statue in Monto

The Russell family didn’t even know that their hero was going to be inducted as a legend until the day before the ceremony when someone must have remembered that Kenny had a widow and kids who were there at the track the the day of the tragic fall, and gave Carol a call to let her know.

The f*cking day before.

Can you believe it?

Carol Russell was in Sydney when she received the call from Racing Queensland on the Friday afternoon 2 weeks ago. You can only imagine how she felt when they told her Kenny was being inducted into the Hall of Fame the next night. The poor bloody woman, how on earth could she be treated so badly?

Mrs Russell jumped in her car at the dawn the next morning and drove all day to get to the awards ceremony. She loved her husband, and wouldn’t have missed it for quids, and her kids wouldn’t have either except for the fact that they have families and jobs and lives of their own and live all over the countryside, and 24 hours notice just ain’t enough to afford good people the opportunity to arrange to get to Brisbane unplanned.

You can only imagine how they were feeling Saturday night a fortnight ago too.

Let me say it again. What a disgrace. You wouldn’t think that it could possibly get any worse, and then it did.

A formal invitation to the ceremony sent by Racing Queensland arrived in Carol Russell’s email inbox that night.

It was addressed to Mr and Mrs Ken Russell, and warmly invited them to attend Kenny’s induction ceremony.

Be a bloody good trick wouldn’t it?

Racing Queensland step forward.

Enter the Hall of Racing Shame.


G’day Darrin 

I have received information that I intend to publish in regard to circumstances surrounding legendary jockey Ken Russell’s induction into the Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago.

What I have been told, and have verified from another source, is that Ken Russell’s widow was not advised of the intention to bestow the honor on her late husband or invited to attend the awards function at which he was inducted until the day immediately prior to the ceremony (Friday 8 September).

At the time Mrs Russell was contacted by RQ she was in Sydney, and told RQ of this. No offer of travel or transport assistance was made to her, and in order to attend the ceremony she had to drive from Sydney to Brisbane at such short notice. Her son, who I am told would very much have liked to attend and see his father honored in such a meaningful way, was unable to attend on 24 hours notice as he was pre-committed to a wedding.

When the formal invitation to Mrs Russell to attend the function arrived by email on the Friday night it was addressed to “Mr and Mrs K. Russell”.

Ken Russell of course tragically died in 1993 in a race fall. Mrs Russell was at the course to witness the awful events that left her a widow.

I seek your general comments on the matter, and specifically invite your responses to the following questions.

  1. Is the substance of the story outlined above true?
  2. If yes:

(a) how and why did this happen?

(b) has Racing Queensland issued an apology to the Russell family about the matter?

(c) does RQ intend to offer Mrs Russell some form of reimbursement for the travel, accommodation and any other costs she incurred in attending the event?


Statement by Racing Queensland

Once the voting process was finalised for the Queensland Racing Hall of Fame inductees, Racing Queensland (RQ) encountered some difficulty in locating Mrs Russell to invite her to the 2017 Queensland Thoroughbred Awards.

RQ apologised to Mrs Russell for the delay in locating her and advising her that her late husband was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

There was an administrative error in the formal invitation issued to Mrs Russell.

Mrs Russell accepted the invitation, attended the night and accepted the award on behalf of her late husband, Ken Russell.

Award nominees were invited to attend and were provided with complimentary tickets to the event. No travel subsidies were offered to any award nominee or winner.

Editor’s note: With one email and a single phone call I found Carol Russell’s contact details and those of two of her kids in less than 60 seconds. That’s because I actually tried.


Whimpey and Wimpier – Slippery and Slipperier – Meet the Pair of Non-Novel Morons in Charge of Queensland Racing Who Can’t Even Get a Simple Rort Right – Is It Really Any Wonder They Totally F*cked Up the Eagle Farm Track?




Brisbane Racing Club CEO David George Whimpey (Whimpey Dave) and his sidekick Samuel Guy Adams (Slippery Sam) spent about ten grand all up trying to register the patent for a brand new scam they invented to profit from their positions of public office.

The general idea was to give Tatts a soft run on their wagering agreement obligations, and in return get affiliate commission kick backs for a whiz. bang new invention that the pair had come up with after sucking down 17 bucket bongs while sitting in front of Slippery’s seventy inch Sony while watching fetish porn.

Unfortunately few new ideas throughout history have ever dreamed up by a pair of middle aged stoners choofing on gnarly hydro buds of Dr THC Dream, and so as it was before so it was again.

Slippery and Whimpey D f*cked up.

Putting a couple of dice in a cup, shakin’ em up and pouring em out is apparently not a brand new and novel idea, according to the United Nations patent mob anyway. They reckon its been going on since Caesar’s day if not before, and that Mr Hasbro – hey Bro! High five! – who holds the rights to Yahtzee had cornered the market long ago.


The green-powered pink fairy wasn’t very inventive either apparently.

The international patents mob reckoned a bird named Princess Elsa who wasn’t frozen in time by the hypnotic effects of THC had beaten our favorite cone jockeys to the punch.

The logic was hard to argue with really.

Whimpey D and Slippery were declared uninventive.

Those who’d taken the shorts landed a cent for every dollar they’d thrown on the good thing, and if they’d chucked a full grand on they’d now be able to afford to buy a beer at the Country Music race day.

They’d need to have outlaid 2 grand to cover the 2-man shout though.


Pissing the cash up would surely have been preferable to pissing it away.

But no-one ever suggested that Slippery or his mate were even half smart, as the international patents mob discovered as soon as they looked at the application that the pair of clowns had submitted.

Ten odd grand later and all the fly highers had done was lodge an application for a patent that didn’t even meet the rules.

Lucky it wasn’t their money I guess.

Hey has anyone seen the 2017 BRC annual report yet?


Excuse Me Mr Raedler – You Forgot a Little Something or Others Sir


Above is the resume that long-time Clip Clop Kev man Damian Raedler attached to the submission in support of the Tatts-Tabcorp merger that he made to the Competition Tribunal on 18 February 2017.

Mr Raedler forgot to tell the tribunal that if the merger is approved his boss and patron of 30 years Clip Clop Kev – who holds 14.2 or so million shares – will make 14.2 or so million bucks for every dollar the share price of the merged entity rises. After he makes an easy $6 million for nothing in the Tabcorp 42.5c per Tatts share deal that is.


The poor bugger forgot to mention his role as Secretary of the Yatala Harness Racing Club as well, but we’ll forgive him. After all when you reach the wrong side of 70 some days it’s hard to even remember what your own name is.

Until of course you hear that sweet familiar sound you so know and love, and it all starts coming back to you.

Clip, clop, clip, clop ……..


The Queensland Racing Wagering Scandal Unfolds Further as Indisputable Evidence Emerges Revealing the Direct Involvement of the BRC Boss and the Former Head of Racing Queensland in the Bet Fairy – UBET Kickback Commission Scam – The Integrity of Racing is Compromised Completely – Its Time For the Authorities to Act


Well sportsfans, any bullsh*t that Whimpey Dave or Slippery Sam might have planned to try and spin about Bet Fairy being their wives company and then playing the discrimination wild card has been turned into dust.

How dumb are this dynamic duo?

Dumb and dumber and three times f*cking dumber again. They can’t even pull a simple rort without stuffing it up. What a pair of morons.

Note to self punters:

If you intend to try to conceal your involvement in a company by putting it in your wife’s name and using her as a front for your crooked schemes, make sure you put the whole bloody lot in her name, not just part of it hey? If you don’t then you just look stupid when you get caught out.


Further note to self punters:

Don’t go running around racecourses like Slippery Sam has been telling folk that your Bet Fairy phone app is a nothing shelf company that makes no money when there is public evidence available that you have spent over $4000 in registrartion fees alone registering the international patents on the app in the past 12 months, and God knows how many thousands or tens of thousands on legal fees to prepare and lodge the detailed patent documents. You look stupid when you get caught out there too.


And a note to BRC Director Dave Dawson:

You’re a top shelf scientist mate, but when it comes to cooking crooks over fires you’re a rank amateur who doesn’t know sh*t from clay. It’s horses for courses old son and you should keep your trap shut and read the Geebung Polo Club by Banjo instead of running around Doomben telling anyone who’ll listen that you and your rort pulling mates have outstayed Archie Butterfly, because you just look stupid too.


The documents I have published on this page are reproduced from the public register of the United Nations managed World International Patent Organisation, and are trademarks, copyrights and patents for the Wagering and Lottery systems used in the Bet Fairy smart phone application.

Slippery Sam and Whimpey Dave’s names are all over them.

Look at the dates as well. They were lodged at the same time that Whimpey was managing a joint venture arrangement with the Tatts Group to run the Doomben and Eagle Farm totes, and the same as Adams was the senior executive at Racing Queensland in charge of negotiating and managing the wagering agreements with Tatts.

And of course as well all now know every single dollar that is wagered through Bet Fairy goes straight into the Ubet pools, and commissions are kicked back directly to the Whimpey, Adams, and Ball (of KPMG) families.

These people have been trusted to run our beloved Sport of Kings but they have each abused that trust. The decisions they have made haven’t been about what’s best for racing; they’ve been about what’s best for themselves, and what will earn them the largest red hot quid.

Some of you are friends with these people and perhaps think I’m being a bit hard.

Let me ask you this – do friends steal from their mates?

No, they don’t.

So are they really good blokes and mates?

No they aren’t. They’re just common garden conmen and thieves.

Whimpey and Ball should be sacked right now, and all three of these bludgers should be smashed with charges and prosecuted to the full letter of the law.

Lock them up and throw away the bloody keys.