The World’s Biggest Gambler’s Queensland Operations Exposed – A Short Story About Greed, Deception, and Why You Should Never Ever Judge a Book By Its Cover – Because Sometimes That’s Exactly What the Billionaire Who’s Made the Book Wants You and All the Other Mug Punting Suckers He’s Sucking Dry to Do


Well, well, well Zjelko, the plot thickens.

This picture above was taken by one of our undercover investigative operatives yesterday at the race meeting held at the Cluden Park track in Townsville.

Notice any similarities with the bloke that another one of our people caught in the camera lens at Ipswich on Saturday?


Yeah, that’s right.

I wonder if they’re brothers? Or clones perhaps?


Like their so-called ‘journalist’ mate Graham Potter  – who takes the images he sends to Sydney from the mounting yard, because he holds a media accreditation granted by Racing Queensland, even though he only writes one couple of hundred word story a week – the men dressed in hats, shorts and sneakers are working for the world’s biggest punter Zjelko Ranogajec.

Guess what sort of clobber their publicity shy boss who studiously avoids publicity and dresses to melt into a crowd always wears?

Image result for zeljko ranogajec 2017

Funny that.

Even the smartest blokes in the world have an Achilles Heel.

The trick is being able to spot it.

The Its Not Normal team have.

See how the the innocuous looking bloke at the top is wielding a long lens camera, and the equally ordinary looking bloke in the picture at the bottom has a pair of binoculars slung over his left shoulder?

Neither the camera nor the binoculars are what they seem.

Both are in fact hugely expensive covert live recording devices that their boss has provided them as a tool of their trade, and their phones are top of the range pieces used to transmit in an instant the images they are taking across to fellow members of the 100 plus strong team that Zjelko Ranogajec employs in his global gambling operation that turns over billions of dollars in bets each and every year.


What these men at Ipswich and Townsville – and men just like them looking at horses in the mounting yard and watching races from the stand at every track running a TAB meeting around Australia – are doing is twofold.

The first is that they are sending the Ranogajec team live vision of the starters in each race as they parade in the mounting yard before a race and as they perform their preliminary warm-ups on the way to the starting barriers.

The purpose of this part of the exercise is that Ranogajec has a group of equine thoroughbred experts that includes vets and former jockeys and trainers in the team, and these employees make assessments of the fitness of the horses and note any potential energy sapping issues such as whether they sweat up or play up in the yard or on the way to the start.

These factors are then input live into the mega computer program run by Ranogajec and his partners – who include David Walsh, the nerd genius and visionary who built MONA, one of the world’s great museums  – and form an important part of the 200 odd variables built in to the top-secret gambling program that determines which horses the team places millions of dollars of bets on around the world on in each race.


The second and more instantly lucrative aspect of these plain looking men’s jobs is transmitting the live stream of each race directly to the Ranogajec team in real time via the the high tech equipment that are clothed as ordinary cameras and binoculars, but in fact is the same as that used by covert operatives of the US military when planning and executing missions such as the assassination of Obama Bin Laden that are transmitted live to the operational leaders directing the play, who are sitting in control rooms set up in naval ships perched off the coast or in secret bunkers in the US of A.

The reason that the men in hats are doing this is simple, and can be reduced to just three words.

In play betting.


Due to various technological factors there is a delay of between approximately 10 and 40 seconds between the time the commercial broadcaster recording and sending ‘live’ images of races interstate and overseas captures the images and the time they are received and broadcast in the State or country to which they are sent.

Bookies and totes in many of these jurisdictions that receive the ‘live’ stream take bets ‘in play’ throughout the race, and will accept wagers made at fast varying odds all the way until the horses reach the winning post.

If you are watching the race live and know the result before it shows on the live stream to somewhere like (for example) China -which hosts massive gambling exchanges whose wagering turnover dwarfs that of competitors such as Betfair  – and if you can place a live bet faster than the satellites and fibre lines are broadcast the race to the country where you are putting the bet on, then all of a sudden your the owner of a license to print money that is limited only by how much you can get on.


Zjelko Ranogajec’s team can put bets on faster than the pictures can be sent using the standard technology employed by the broadcasters, and their computers can place the bets in a matter of milliseconds.

All they need is a couple of seconds head start and the result of the race.


Enter the men in hats.

The two in the photos, and Graham Potter who owns the website, and a fat little red faced man that writes for his site, whose father always seems to be right by the side of the RQ accredited ‘media man’ wherever he goes, and who gives the impression that he couldn’t call the result of a photo finish if his life depended on it, but is really just calling in code.

They say the Bantam always wanted to be Alan Jones. I guess in his own potted path of a cash for comment way he’s finally made it.


They are all real smart these Zjelko fellas.

Smart with numbers, smart with cash, smart at calling, smart at school, smart about all manner of things.

The smartest two blokes I ever read though were one fella who rode a donkey and died on a cross, and another who slept at night on the streets of Athens in a wine barrel.

If they were alive at the time I’m sure they would have read Shakespeare, just like me.


Enter a fool from Geebung.

A mad punter with a predilection for threesomes, a hatred of headwear, and a rare skill at staying up all night and dressing like a bum so that even the sharpest of blokes like Brisbane’s once leading rails bookie mistake him for a drunk.

A bloke whose Mum always said he should have been an undercover copper, a child sex abuse victim who became a chameleon in his teens so that people wouldn’t realise that he’d been raped by a pedo, or suss out just how broken he was inside.

A fella who came out a couple of years ago at a Royal Commission about child abuse and hasn’t given a tinkers cuss about what people other than the love of his life and saviour Maggie think of him since, and hates the secrets and lies that cursed him to thirty years of nothingness so much that in order to expose them he thinks nothing of  donning a disguise that makes people want to avoid him and causes dodgers to treat his presence with casually reckless and foolish disregard.

A man without a hat named Archie, who went to Ipswich on an undercover assignment on Saturday and played the world’s biggest gambler at his own game, and then did it again three days later at Townsville, has now written this article you’re reading in the hope that it might pop one little part of the Zjelko Ranogajec scavenging operation’s pernicious and deceitful free money printing world.

You should never have charged me for that sh*t autobiography of yours that I pinched from Mona a couple of years ago Mr Walsh. With all your millions you didn’t the money, but when you took it off my credit card without notice it left me real short.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I hold grudges forever.

And Geebung boys always get square.




If the Cops on the Racing Beat Don’t Properly Understand the Law Then What Beating is Racing Going to Keep Copping?


This press release was issued by QRIC over a month ago and distributed to all race clubs, so don’t go telling me that Little Dickie Morrison wasn’t aware of his obligations to ensure that he and his business partners in racehorse ownership wasn’t aware that he needed to check the Forfeit List to make sure that none of them were on it.

Morrison’s the Deputy-Chair of a multi billion dollar business FFS! He has a fiduciary duty to ensure compliance with the Australian Racing Rule and there are no ifs, whats, maybes or perhaps about it. You can’t go breaking rules just because you say that you didn’t know that it was an offence to do so.

Ignorance has never been an excuse under the law and it never will be, and I can absolutely guarantee you that 99.9% of the crims banged up in Woodford jail had never read the Criminal Code of Queensland before committing the breaches of the law that put them there, and that most still bloody haven’t.

The QRIC Commissioner is the bloke in charge of the outfit who’s supposed to be enforcing the damn law though, so what’s Ross Barnett’s bloody excuse for his incredible and utterly intolerable ignorance of the Rules of Racing that he’s supposed to be policing?

Simple answer?

There isn’t one.

If the cops on the racing beat don’t understand the quite simple and basic rules of racing, what hope does the sport of kings in Queensland really have at all?

QRIC don’t need to invoke standards to disqualify unsettled debtors who won’t pay their racing bills.

There is no need for payment plans.

Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barett doesn’t need to consider his options.

Who does he think he is? God? He has no options.

A person on the Forfeit List is subject to the same disabilities as those suffered by a disqualified person.

They are banned from stepping foot on a race track, the can’t own, train or ride race horses, and they can’t hold any betting accounts.

None of these provisions are discretionary.

People who don’t pay their debts to the industry can’t race.

Full stop.

What in the bloody hell do QRIC think they’re doing?

I doubt they even know.

Image result for one law for all


Jim Byrne says that the barrier attendants at the Gold Coast on Magic Millions day mistakenly put his reins underneath his readjusted blinkers.’

I can see it in the video replay, and I am sure you will too.

The Stewards didn’t see a single bloody thing.

Is anyone really surprised?



I Have Seen the Future of Australian Racing – And His Name is Regan Bayliss


Watch what happens here, becuse it is absolutely breathtaking.

Its Race 3 at the Coast on Magic Millions Day, the QTIS Open and the field are racing over 1300 metres trying to win a rich $600 000 prize.

We are looking at just two horses here sportsfans.

One is Secret Trail with Regan Bayliss on board in the all red, and the other is Rich Affair in the blue and gold colors ridden by Michael Cahill.

Rich Affair is owned by the BRC boys Whimpey Dave and Nifty Nev, so what happens to it would have me falling around on the floor laughing if it were not such a dangerous thing that it could have resulted in tragedy.

First watch the replay at full speed, just like Phil Purser and I did this morning.

What did you see?

The same thing that Phil and I saw?

Regan Bayliss came out underneath Michael Cahill and smashed him didn’t he?

The Stewards saw it too.


There are two things we all missed though.

The first is what Michael Cahill did a few strides before the bump.

I’ve slowed the video below down so that you can see it.

Keep your eyes fixed on Michael Cahill’s right arm and elbow.

Did you see it?

It took me about half a dozen views.

Let me break it down to still frames for you.

Snapshot 5 (15-01-2018 11-26 PM)

Cahill rides Rich Affair hard off the turn on a tight rein, and uses the bend to almost imperceptibly shift his body weight to his right.

As they hit the straight he suddenly, almost faster than the eye can see, loosens his grip on the right rein for the faintest of a fraction of a second, and like a jabbing Jeff Horne in the early rounds uses his right elbow to measure the distance between he and Reegan Bayliss on his inside.

In the same motion Cahill holds Bayliss in the pocket as he balances his himself ready for his big move.

Snapshot 6 (15-01-2018 11-28 PM)

Cahill looks across at Bayliss to check how much room he needs for what’s about to come.

Bayliss is a fine young horseman though, and he’s on to him.

He looks across at Cahill and for a millisecond their eyes lock.

Snapshot 7 (15-01-2018 11-29 PM)

Cahill had been expecting to catch the kid unawares, but his heart sinks for in an instant he knows what many riders old and young in years to come will learn too, and that is that Regan Bayliss is the goods.

The kid’s a chess player, and can see three moves ahead, and it’s a an innate and unteachable talent that separates the very good from the truly great. Bayliss has picked what Cahill’s about to do before his rival had even begun doing it, and he’s ready.

Cahill is very good, but he’s not great. He knows though in the blink of an eye that the 20-year-old inside him who has ridden 286 winners is.

It’s too late though, for the die is cast.

Snapshot 9 (15-01-2018 11-37 PM)

Cahill revs his mount up in preparation for take off, and for a split second looks for all the world as if he’s willing his mount to rise from the lush green carpet and fly.

Then he lets rip.

The Brisbane hoop is trying to do a Ron Quinton/Emancipation on Mick Dittman/Sir Dapper circa the George Main Stakes of 1984, and suddenly tightening the right shoelace and tugging hard he brings Rich Affair off its line and hard in on top of Secret Trail.

But like lion crouched motionlessly in the savannah grass watching his prey, Bayliss has been waiting for him.

The kid grew up watching Bieber videos, and just like Justin did to the big boys of the music world Bayliss is about to take his much older rival to town.

Snapshot 12 (16-01-2018 12-34 AM).png

As Cahill comes in Bayliss, in a subtly sublime single motion, extends his left arm out like a perfect little teapot and locks it tight right into the back of Cahill’s, using the senior rider’s inward momentum against him throwing him ever so slightly off balance, just enough so that the kid can pull off what has to be one of the greatest dance moves ever performed on a million dollar big stage by a boy who’s not even yet old enough to buy himself a beer in Vegas.

The perfectly timed lock and load elbow trick has forced Cahill back on to a straighter line, and has opened up the minute glimmer of daylight that is all the Maestro needs.

Snapshot 13 (16-01-2018 12-58 AM)

Bayliss crouches down low in the saddle, real low, and then he suddenly springs high off the irons and up into the air, and you can forgive less experienced race watchers for thinking he’s copped a check from Cahill and been forced up high in the irons.

Not this kid Mama.

There’s no check.

Bayliss is simply pumping himself up like an Olympic high jumper readying for the 3rd and final jump that when they clear it will take them to Gold and Glory.

Bayliss pumps down and up again, and as he’s rising – and with Cahill desperately leaning all of his body weight over and on top of him in a desperate attempt to prevent the hiding to nothing that he knows with absolute certainty is coming, but doesn’t know how, when or why – the star apprentice turns Secret Trail’s head hard to the left and pushes it through a gap so slender that only he knows it’s there.

Snapshot 14 (16-01-2018 1-25 AM).png

It’s the most dangerous of moves imaginable to try and pull off aboard a 500 kilogram ball of flying 60 km an hour muscle against an international jockey who’s won 3 group ones and has $40 million worth of prize money in the bank, but Regan Bayliss is a young man with a vault full of talent and a gut full of ticker and not a fear in the world, and the kid’s got the wind in his hair and adrenaline surging through his every pore, and doesn’t think once about thinking twice.

Down from the irons at high speed he comes, and using the downward centrifugal force he’s just created Bayliss swivels, and with his his elbow locked behind Cahill’s and his mare’s head poking through in between the horse in front of its hindquarters and Rich Affair’s girth the kid uses every ounce of the coiled up tension he has just unleashed as  momentum and turns both horse and rider on his outside hard to the left.

Snapshot 15 (16-01-2018 1-43 AM).png

It’s like watching Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa, the move’s that good.

Bayliss is out and off and away.

The whole sequence has taken less than five seconds from whoa to go, and in that time this prodigiously talented twenty year old kid has pulled off at least four uniquely separate individual moves.

It’s breathtaking to watch, absolutely extraordinary.

What Bayliss did was part-circus, part-magic, a whole lot of rodeo and more than a little bit of George Moore, and if any of the stewards had spotted his four-card trick the young man probably would have copped a month on the out, but suspending the kid for dazzling us with that type of virtuoso display of brilliance would be akin to jailing Banksy for painting Michelangelo type artworks with spray cans on a long abandoned dole office dunny door.

So Regan Bayliss copped a $500 fine for excessive whip use over the final instead.

I’d happily pay it just to watch him do it all over again.

‘Wow!’ is all that I can say.

What a superstar in the making this kid really is

Image result for banksy

How’s Ben the Rude F*cking Boofhead From Ladbrokes Form? – And Are Newspaper Reading Queensland Race Fans Going to Have One Come the 1st of February?


What does all this mean?

Well the most obvious thing is that I won’t be able to grab a free paper every morning at opening time at the Geebung RSL, which is a bit of a bugger, but it’s probably only an issue for cheapskate free-loaders like me.

The bigger issue is what happens to the daily form guide, and in particular what happens to the traditional centrefold lift out guide that appears on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I wish I could give you an answer, but a UBET spokesperson didn’t know and some extremely rude and aggressive unhelpful prick named Ben on the Ladbrokes Customer Helpline proved the name a total misnomer by point blank refusing to put me through to the company’s Marketing and PR section to get an answer, which was baffling but I suppose what would you expect from a company once headed by Dean ‘Jed/Ned’ Shannon, the archetypal rude prick himself.

“You can send an email if you want to talk to them. I’m not putting you through” was this pompous little germ Ben’s arrogant reply to my simple request to speak to someone to clarify the situation.

“You can go and get f*cked” was my quick reply.

It’s too late to call them now, but I will give the Courier-Mail a call tomorrow and see what we can find out for you.

And Ben go and insert a sharp object up his smart fat arse.

How’s his form?

Probably about as good as the one we are going to get from Ladbrokes in the Courier-Mail I suspect.

Never fear though, Tabcorp retains the exclusive contract with News Corp for the form guides in the NSW and Victorian newspapers, so if all else fails we’ll just go and but the bloody Daily Telegraph and chunder as we read the cockroach writers declare that this will be the year that the Blues march to State of Origin series glory.

The next thing you know they’ll be telling us that Ladbroke Ben’s going to win a global customer service award.

He’ll ride backward to the ceremony of a flying pink pig I guess.

Birds of a feather sticking together and all.


The Vice-Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club Has Disgraced The Sport of Kings and Brought Shame on Himself – Richard Morrison Has Deliberately and Repeatedly Broken the Australian Rules of Racing Through His Association With a Disqualified Person and He is Not a Fit and Proper Person to Any Longer Hold Office in the Racing Industry – Little Dickie Must Be Sacked Forthwith

This is Stella Ombra.

He is a five-year-old gelding trained by Kelly Schweida at Eagle Farm

Image result for richard morrison brisbane racing

This is Richard Harvery Morrison, aka Little Dickie (on the left).

He is the Vice-Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club, and aspires to take over as the Chairman of the club when the current incumbent Nifty Neville Bell retires this year.

Little Dickie is one of the part-owners of Stella Ombra.

He reads a monthly publication called the Race Magazine religiously.

Image result for stephen bizzell

This is Stephen Grant Bizzell.

He is a super rich businessman who lives in a $10 million house.

Bizzell is also one of the part-owners of Stella Ombra.

He reads the Australian Financial Review every day, and probably the law list too.


These are the owners of Stella Ombra.

Mr RH Morrison is Little Dickie.

Mr SG Bizzell is Stephen Bizzell.


This is the Racing Queensland Forfeit List.

It is published on the Racing Queensland website and in the Race Magazine each month, and contains the names of people who haven’t paid their racing debts.

Anyone whose name appears on this list is treated as a disqualified person under the Australian Rules of Racing (‘the rules’).

Disqualified people are not allowed to own race horses.


This is an extract of the Forfeit List published on the Racing Queensland website and in the December edition of the Race Magazine.

Stephen Bizzell’s name is there, and it has been since the 6th of May 2016 when he failed to pay his racing debt of $2 843.44.

He still hasn’t paid it.

Until he does Bizzell is not allowed to own racehorses.

That means that Stephen Bizzell is not allowed to be a part-owner of Stella Ombra, for it is an offence under the rules.



These are rules AR.181 and AR.182.

Rule AR.181 confirms that the Forfeit List is kept in the office of the Brisbane Racing Club, published in the Race Magazine, and transmitted to the Brisbane Racing Club.

Rule AR.182 says that Stephen Bizzell is not allowed to step on a racetrack, or enter a place where horses are trained.

The rule also states that he is not allowed to race a horse in any capacity, including as a part owner or a member of a syndicate of owners, and Stella Ombra is a horse.

It talks about money too, which means it’s speaking Bizzell and Little Dickie’s language, and it says that Mr SG Bizzell is most certainly not allowed to share in the prize money winnings of any horse, including the six figure amount that Stella Ombra has earned since the time Bizzell entered the Hall of Shame by having his name entered on to the Forfeit List.


This is rule AR.175.

It says that anyone engages in conduct that corrupts the outcome of a race is a bad guy, because they have broken the rules if the acts or omissions performed or not performed by the bad guy are contrary to the standards of integrity that the average Joe would expect of a person in their position.

Like I said, Little Dickie is the Vice-Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club.

It’s Queensland’s Principal Racing Club, and owns and operates the Doomben and Sunshine Coast race tracks.

Stella Ombra has been entered in a whole lot of races at Doomben and the Sunshine Coast since its part owner Mr SG Bizzell incurred the same disabilities as those of a disqualified person and became ineligible to race horses, and a won a few of them and earned the owners prize money too.

Any reasonable person would imagine that Little Dickie knew, or hold that he should have known, that Mr Bizzell wasn’t allowed to race horses, and that if he did continue to race them Little Dickie should have done something about it.

But he didn’t.

Little Dickie is a very naughty boy. He’s broken the rules.


This a further part of Rule AR.175.

It says that anyone who enters a horse knowing that one its owners is disqualified is guilty of an offence.

Whoever entered Stella Ombra in all those races its run in since the 6th of May 2015 is a serial offender, and must be punished.

The rule also says that any bloke who conspires with another bloke or bird to enter a horse in a race when one if its owners is disqualified has themselves broken the rules.

A conspiracy doesn’t have to be a second shooter on the hill in the Kennedy assassination theory, it can be as simple as two or more people doing something they know is wrong.

Little Dickie, Stephen Bizzell, Stella Ombra’s trainer Kelly Schweida and maybe even some of the other part-owners of the horse entered and ran it in races when they knew, or should have known, that they weren’t allowed to.

They’ve all committed an offence.


This is rule AR.176.

It says that the Committee or the Stewards can disqualify a horse that has run in a race when it shouldn’t have.

Stella Ombra shouldn’t have run in any races from the time that its part owner Bizzell’s name was entered onto the forfeit list.

The gelding’s run in 17 races since then, and won 5 of them too.

It should be disqualified from each and every one of them, but the BRC Committee can’t disqualify him can they, because Little Dickie is it’s Vice-Chairman and he’s the one who has been the naughty boy.

Image result for ross barnett racing

This is Ross ‘the Boss’ Barnett.

He’s the Racing Integrity Commissioner.

Image result for steve wilson racing

This is Steve ‘Whirlwind’ Wilson.

He’s the Chairperson of Racing Queensland, although even in these days of light and liberty he still calls himself a ChairMAN.

Image result for eliot forbes

This is Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes.

This picture must have been taken a long time ago, because Eagle Farm still had grass.

ET’s the CEO of Racing Queensland.

Image result for neville bell brc

This is ‘Nifty’ Neville Bell.

He’s the Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club.

I wanted to join that club, but Nifty told me I wasn’t allowed.

That was a mistake wasn’t it?


This is me, Archie Butterfly, in a picture taken with a couple of keen young Kiwi sheilas last year in the Mooloo land of Hamilton, New Zealand.

I write a website, funnily enough the one you are reading right now.

Whirlwind, the Boss, Nifty and ET all read my website every day of the week, so each of the four racing bigwigs will have read this by lunchtime, and thus will know that Little Dickie’s been a bad boy and that he’s been breaking the rules.

None of the four like me much, but it doesn’t matter because Maggie and the Mooloo girls and whole lot of folk in the racing industry who share my disdain for corruption in the great Sport of Kings do.

Now that I’ve the Big 4 and you about what Little Dickie’s done I’m sure they will quickly realise that the Vice-Chairman’s actions mean that he is certainly not a fit and proper person to hold any office whatsoever in the sport of racing, and that they’ll sack him or force him to resign.

They have to don’t they?

After all, if racing doesn’t have integrity then what other than a sand track at headquarters do we have?

Image result for moral of the story

This is the moral of the story.

When you are a person who holds a public or elected office you should always conduct yourself properly and behave in a manner that’s beyond reproach, because people are relying on you to do the right thing, and you are managing other folks money.

But if you are not going to then you shouldn’t go around picking fights with punters from Geebung like me, because all we’re trying to do is our best and all we want is to do our little bit to help our beloved racing industry to be a clean and vibrant sport.

And don’t sue us either, or sack innocent widows, because it only pisses us off, and like the great Grey Affair who won the Brisbane Cup at 100-1 in 1979 when it was still run over 2 miles we can stay all day.

If you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones, especially against blokes who played cricket for the first thirty years of their life for Toombul and Banyo and beyond.

We normally have pretty good arms, and our aim’s always straight.

Here you go boys ………. catch!

Image result for cricket ball waiting to catch


20 Random Impertinent Questions to Read on the Dunny on a Monday Morning

(1) Why did the worlds biggest punter Zjelko Ranogajec fly the Racing Queensland accredited ‘journalist’ and photographer Graham Potter to Sydney recently to attend the gambler’s staff Christmas party?

(2) And why did our binocular sporting mate from the Ipswich races go too?


(3) What is the relationship between the pair, and what is their relationship with certain members of the BRC board and management?

(4) Does the BRC condone breaches of the Australian Racing Rules regarding the transmission of information from its courses?

(5) Or does it in fact help facilitate the breaches?

(6) Will Ross Barnett still be the Racing Integrity Commissioner at the end of the week?

(7) If he is, what message does that send to industry participants who rely on an equal application of integrity standards?

(8) Given the cavalier attitude of QRIC to conducting internal reviews independently by a person with a legal background, will the organisation engage Clip Clop on a contract to determine all future review applications made by Grant Dixon? After all he is fiercely independent of the organisation, and has extensive experience as the litigant in many legal matters, particularly cases pertaining to Albion Park.

(9) Speaking of Clip Clop, why have the Albion Park Harness Racing Club made no public announcement of the face of harness racing’s resignation from the club board, and honored him for his 50 years of service to the club?

Image result for kevin seymour harness

(10) As the more than a decade old, scaffold clad ‘temporary’ broadcasters box at Albion Park has no disability access, what would happen to Chris Barsby or any other race caller if (god forbid) they had the misfortune to be involved in an accident and were confined to a wheelchair? Would they have to leave their job because they can’t climb up the rickety stairs to the box?

(11) Isn’t that called discrimination?

(12) What are Racing Queensland going to do to address the situation?

(13) Does RQ’s General Manager of Racing Simon Stout really believe that a pacer’s sectional times over the 2136 metre journey are an indication of its chances in a race run over 1116m when it draws the back row?

(14) Does the former ‘assistant trainer’ to the assistant trainer at Lloyd Williams Macedon Lodge actually know anything at all about harness racing?

Image result for greyhound racing

(15) Where’s the much vaunted and long promised new greyhound racing track that the chasing sport folk have been waiting half a lifetime for?

(16) Where’s the equally as much vaunted and long promised new trot track?

(17) Who stole the big screen TV out of the Bernborough Room at the Doomben racetrack?

(18) Who stole the massive four wheeled sprinkler that went missing last week, and how the hell did they do it?

(19) Has anyone seen Whimpey Dave’s stolen Gator?

(20) Does the BRC internal expert on all matters cobalt Matt Rudolph really have plans to contract out track maintenance to a company or companies owned by his and/or club Directors and/or Senior Executives mates?

Image result for matt rudolph

I’ve over here Matty Boy, and coming your way

And Another 20 To Read Over Brekky


“They once used to keep horses in these stables on raceday son”.

“Gee Grandpa, that must have been a long time ago. Did they race on the sand track?”

(21) Why does the BRC have a fashion committee when it doesn’t have a ‘Let’s Get the Grass Back at Eagle Farm’ one? And why is it that the committee is stacked with milliners and merchants who flog fascinators and hats? Don’t people wear clothes any more?

(22) And where is the promised grass at Eagle Farm anyway? Is the 50 metre strip laid for the benefit of the gullible mainstream media photographers and press release plagiarising folk posing as racing writers all we’re ever going to get?

(23) Is there any truth to the ever-stronger growing whispers that Nifty Nev will shortly be bowing out of the BRC in a blaze of ignominy that he wrongly mistakes for glory?

(24) If so will any bookmaker in the land be betting better than 10’s on that he will be slipping the reins to Little Dickie Morrison, the $150 000 man who co-owns horses with disqualified people on the forfeit list?


(25) How the hell did the Brisbane City Council approve the construction of infield stables that are six feet below sea level?

(26) And have the BRC installed life rafts and inflatable jackets in the stable area in preparation for the next flood? Or are they just relying on all the trainers and stable hands jumping on Bronze Buffering’s back and hoping that the great sprinter can swim?

(27) What’s going to happen to the residents in the ivory Mirvac towers and the retailers in the shopping centre and the kiddies in daycare if there is another outbreak of EI, Hendra or any other form of equine virus?

(28) When is the Tornado – Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie – going to chuck his sling for teaching how to turn Boomwa’s form around and getting it to win its city race on turf for more than 3 years by bashing his ear about riding it from the front?

(29) How happy must the other young Toowoomba rising star trainer Troy Pascoe be that Archie gave him a spruik on Saturday that inspired his mare Bred For Luck to get up in the 1st at Clifford Park at big odds?

(30) Why did the hapless crowd that run Ipswich not follow Victoria Racing’s lead and abandon the club’s Saturday meeting the day before instead of simply invoking the RQ heat policy and then calling the meeting off after race 3 and wasting every bugger’s time, when they knew all along that it was going to be forty degrees in the shade?

(31) And why are Racing Queensland spending 13 million much needed dollars on remedial work at the track run by a bunch of cowboys when no-one actually goes to the races there other than on Cup Day and for the CFMEU sponsored meet?

(32) But will the track upgrades really happen, or it all just another con? (that’s a rhetorical question by the way)


(33) Why haven’t any tenders been called for the upgrade even though the Club Chairman Wayne ‘Pumpkin’ Patch promised members that the work would commence by the end of last year? It wouldn’t be anything to do with the fact that the much vaunted track redevelopment plan hasn’t even been approved by the Council yet would it?

(34) How far off beam would Archie be if he suggested that the whole thing was just a big Paul Pisasale and his property developer mates public land grab scam, and that the whole plot to defraud the members of the club has fallen over in the wake of the former Mayor’s arrest on a gazillion corruption charges?

(35) What’s the width of a Tally Ho cigarette paper?

Image result for tally ho paper

(36) Where in the world has the horse with everyone’s favorite name Albert the Fat’s one time rising young star trainer Eden Petrie gone?

(37) Is that French Actor Jean Reno standing there next to Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett in the photo below that I used in a story published on this site last week?



(38) Or was it the Sheikh of Dubai?


(39) Is it any coincidence that Hong Kong Tony Fung’s Aquis Racing started investing huge amounts of money into Australian racing just before the Chinese government started cracking down on junket firms laundering money through the Macao casinos?

(40) What was the Pumper doing at the Magic Millions sales hobnobbing with the Racing Minister Pounds Stirling and Tony Gollan, the trainer of the horse whose rider almost brought down the entire field in the 2YO Classic?

Image result for jim cassidy jockey might and power


(Answer: he’s wasn’t. It’s Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes in the picture, the bloke who insists on being called doctor even though he is not one. Don’t they look alike though? Same height too)