The Fix is In – The Trots Pools Are Being Rorted and the Races Are Being Fixed –Its Not Which Horse Wins the Race That Matters – Its The Horse That Doesn’t That Counts – How the Rorters Landed a Six-Figure First Four Pool – Part 2 – The Execution

This is the race with the $25 First 4 Jackpot and the guaranteed $100 000 pool that the race fixers rorted on Sunshine Sprint night, the 8th of July 2017.

It’s a most peculiar evening indeed because at any given Albion Park meeting an average of 3-4 horses max are scratched for veterinary reasons, but tonight 15 horses are withdrawn from the program, and 7 of them are last minute or ‘late’ scratchings.

This is extraordinary by any basis of comparison but for reasons known only to themselves Stewards launch no inquiry into why so many horses have been scratched on this particular night.

I can suggest a reason.

It might be because instead of there being the usual single vet assisted by two sample collectors running the swabbing program and process, tonight there are a panel of 3 vets and 5 assistants and they are there in those numbers so that they may simultaneously take pre-race blood or saliva swabs from half of the field in each race on the program.

The other reason is that tonight there is a full panel of stewards and it includes both Reid Sanders, the top-line steward who caught the cheats in NSW, and a certain Mr Carter who is by no means friendly with the drug doping members of the race fixing cartel and is likely to rigorously test each of their horses.

Add two and two together and you get four, and what I am saying is that I suspect that a number of the 15 horses scratched, including a number of the late scratchings, had substances in their system that may or may not have passed a rigorous collection, screening and testing process.

Whether it is by design, incompetence or sheer coincidence that the Chief Steward Mr Larry Wilson doesn’t institute an inquiry into what seems the obvious is a matter for you to decide, but I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

Anyway, to the fix.

The usual suspects are involved either directly or peripherally – the McMullen clan, Chantal Turpin, the Dixon husband and wife team, and trainers Jack Butler and Stephen Cini – and a number of the 4 legged usual suspects from the previous rorted races are in the line up as well, including Watch Pulp Fiction, Bettabe Perfect, Written in Red, Floyd Mayweather, Exceptional Mach and A Good Chance.

The ones to watch super closely are the two favourites in the betting.

Number 1 Exceptional Mach – trained by Grant Dixon and driven by his wife Trista – is the favourite at $2.60 and is drawn in the coveted pole position on the inside of the front row behind the mobile barrier.

Number 8 Written in Red – trained by Jack Butler and driven by young reinsman Paul Diebert – is the favourite at $2.60 and is drawn directly behind Exceptional Mach on the inside of the second line at the start.

The name of the game is get these two favourites beaten so that the great mass of punters who have put the pair on top in their First 4’s get knocked out, and the dividend for winning ticket holders becomes greatly enlarged.

It’s exactly the same strategy that the fixers have been using in the rigged trifecta races, and the basics of the execution of the plan are put into place in exactly the same way as we have seen previously, which is that the number 1 horse gets crossed at the start by a fast beginning, widely-drawn pacer and this then puts the favourite drawn behind it 3 back on the fence in a decidedly disadvantageous running position that is extremely difficult to win from.

The mobile pulls away and they’re off, and Polished Rocks – driven by Danielle McMullen and wearing number 7, but starting from the 5 position due to the scratching of two horses drawn inside it – flies out the barrier and crosses Exceptional Mach easily.

This is somewhat of a surprise because in it’s previous 4 starts against the identical grade of horses it is racing tonight Polished Rock has started from barriers 5, 4, 2 and 4 from the front row and not once has he burned out of the gate and led, and there is nothing in the stewards report to suggest that the horse’s connections advised of any change of driving tactics in this race.

This matter should later have been inquired into by the stewards, but inexplicably – or not – it wasn’t.

So Polished Rocks shocks and leads, Exceptional Mach sits behind it on the fence in the trailing position, and Written in Red – who is reliant on the horse in front of it to establish its position – sits three horses back on the fence behind Exceptional Mach.

These positions are established in the first 100m or so of the race and the first part of the fix goes exactly to plan, and then nothing happens for the next 1200 metres or so except that the horses run around the track at a stop-start speed that is totally determined by McMullen on the leader because no other horse challenges or pressures her.

That’s part 2 of the race fixers strategy. Tick.

Then we get to the home turn and it all starts happening as the final step of the plan is put into play.

Trista Dixon the driver of the second horse is the one you need to keep one eye on and Wtitten in Red behind her is where your second eye should be fixed. The time you are looking for is about the 1 minute 44 second mark, the point where the inside horses are about to enter the sprint lane.

Right as they come around the turn and hit the straight – just before the sprint lane opens up – Trista Dixon deliberately takes her left foot from the sulky stirrup and kicks her leg loose and free. You can see the leg out of the cart clearly in the picture above and if you watch the replay on slow motion you can also see that it is no accident that Dixon’s foot and leg have come free. She did it intentionally.

There are two reasons that a driver willfully removes their foot from the sulky.

The first is to speed it up.

How this is done is that the driver takes their foot from the sulky, place it behind his horses rear leg and either kicks the leg or places his or her own foot hard against the horses hind leg and uses the natural back/forward swing gait of the horse to put forward pressure on the leg.

The former is known as kicking, the latter nudging, and both have blighted the career of one of America’s greatest drivers in history Walter Case (although not nearly as much attempting to murder his wife; Case controversially returns to the sulky in the US today after a 14 year absence occasioned by his incarceration for that crime).

That’s not what Trista Dixon did. She wasn’t trying to impel her horse forward, she was trying to unbalance it as she steered it sharply into the sprint lane, providing herself with a forward alibi in case the stewards asked any difficult questions.

There are two ways for her to achieve this. One is simply to give the horse an up and under in the guts, the other is to do the reverse of what Walter Cash does and place your foot on the inside of the hind leg so it acts as a brake and/or rudder rather than a kick start forward.


1:44 – Dixon’s leg is in the bike as they round the home turn


1:45 – Dixon kicks her leg free from the sulky’s foot restraints just as the field hits the Albion Park home straight.


Instead of making immediate efforts to get her leg back in the gig Dixon instead swings it back as if she is preparing to kick her horse under its stomach.


We lose sight of Dixon’s leg as the horses enter the straight so it is impossible to know what she does next with her foot.

What Dixon does with her horse though is deliberately steer it across the line of Written in Red behind her so she can baulk that horse as it is about to scoot up the sprint lane inside her.


See how Dixon has moved her horse closer to the inside pegs by about 3/4 of a horse width and the driver behind her has to yank back on the reins and check the momentum of his horse?

That’s exactly what she intended.

Look at the gap between her horse and the leader (the one to your left of her in the white sleeves), and compare it to the gaps between horses racing next to each other back in the field. It’s wider isn’t it?


Eventually Dixon straightens her horse back on a true line and Winning in Red is able to come through the inside of the sprint lane unimpeded, but by then the bird has flown for it is too late for either horse to regain full momentum in time to catch the leader Polished Rocks, and that horse wins the race, with Winning in Red second and Exceptional Mach in third place.

But there is something else red hot going on as well.

See that horse in the blue and white colours on the outside, to your far left?

That’s our old mate Watch Pulp Fiction which is trained by usual suspect Chantal Turpin and is that night being driven by champion NZ driver Dexter Dunn.

It starts to absolutely motor home over then final 100 metres, and is suddenly going so fast that it may well have flown over the top of the horses on its inside and won the race, but for one thing.

At about the 50 metre mark out from the winning post Dexter Dunn realises exactly what I have just told you, but instead of urging his horse out fully to the line like drivers who are trying to win races do, Dunn jerks hard back on the reins and restrains Watch Pulp Fiction just as it is beginning to look like a surprise winning chance.



1:58 – Dunn is driving Watch Pulp Fiction out (above) and it looks like running fourth or fifth, but the horse is going so fast that within the space of a second (below) it looks a rough chance of running over the top of them.


1:59 – so about 30 metres out from the finishing line (in red below, approximate positioning) Dunn stops driving and restrains Watch Pulp Fiction, slowing its finishing momentum.

You can see it clearly from his body position. The drivers of all the horses finishing hard and with a chance of winning or filling a place are urging their pacers forward. Look at their body positions.

It is is only the horses that are spent from a hard run in transit or those that are blocked for a run who are restraining their horses down.

Them and Dexter Dunn.



Courtesy of the Kiwi driver treating Watch Pulp Fiction so gently when he should have been throwing the kitchen sink at it the horse finishes fourth.

The First Four pays enormous on UBET, double what it pays in Victoria despite the Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta dividends being almost exactly the same in both states.

The coup is landed.

The race fixers win.

For now anyway.

But surely the Stewards will have something to say ………


The Fix is In – The Trots Pools Are Being Rorted and the Races Are Being Fixed –Its Not Which Horse Wins the Race That Matters – Its The Horse That Doesn’t That Counts – How the Rorters Landed a Six-Figure First Four Pool – Part 3 – The Aftermath


The stewards have taken a pre-race blood sample from Polished Rocks so there is no need for them to take a post-race sample to see if the horse was hit with anything to make it go faster in between when it was tested and when it went out onto the track. They could have performed a post-race swab if they had wanted to – some would say it might be best practice – but they didn’t want to, so didn’t.

Trista Dixon’s action in removing her left leg from the sulky was a clear and demonstrable breach of the Australian Harness Racing Rules that govern the sport, and if charged and found guilty of the gross violation she would have been likely to incur a substantial fine and/or suspension, and her horse may have been disqualified from the race.

The stewards never even mentioned it at all.



They didn’t mention the interference that the second placed horse Winning in Red had suffered as it attempted to come up the inside of Exceptional Mach, or the fact that Dixon’s horse had shifted course and bored (or was steered) in closer to the inside to block the favourite’s course at the crucial stage of the race.

Instead the officials noted that Bettabe Perfect led the three wide train from the 900m mark, which has no relevance whatsoever to a steward’s report and no proper place in one; and that the rank outsider Ketut, who was drawn barrier 6 got caught wide and then did what horses of average ability who are caught wide from an outside starting barriers always do, which is to restrain back in the field to find a place. Whoopee doo.

The stewards also mentioned that $61 starter Ketut was blocked for a run in the straight, and that the 20 to 1 shot Floyd Mayweather was too. They of course neglected completely to mention Written in Red and the impediments that horse encountered when trying to secure its rightful run in the straight.

The whole thing is a damn disgrace, and someone should be looking really hard at the integrity officials who failed to note these anomalies I have just highlighted to you, or to examine the relevant drivers about their tactics and actions during the running of the richest race on an absolutely star-studded night.

Never forget that the First 4 pool on this race was a giant $130 plus thousand dollars, a dozen times the value of the prizemoney for the race. Anyone with a smidgen of knowledge and half a brain would know that a race of this nature should be identified and targeted as one that required close scrutiny.

Not the Queensland Harness Racing Stewards though.

Why would they?

The fix was in, and it was a good earn for everyone all round.

Everyone except the poor mug punter that is.


Well We Just Saw the Winner of The Big One


Have you ever seen a better Melbourne Cup trial in your life than Marmelo’s run a few minutes ago in the Caulfield Cup?

And it has the same form lines coming into The Big One as Americain, and it should have won The Cup twice.

Is it any wonder that Australia’s best jockey Hugh Bowman has chosen this high class galloper at his Cup mount?

Come the first Tuesday in November Marmelo just wins.

Don’t you worry about that.

The Fix is In – The Trots Pools Are Being Rorted and the Races Are Being Fixed – Its Not Which Horse Wins the Race That Matters – Its The Horse That Doesn’t That Counts – How the Rorters Landed a Six-Figure First Four Pool – Part 1


So its Saturday the 8th of July and it’s a beautiful mid-winter’s late afternoon with light fading away over the ranges as the horses score up for the first of an outstanding eleven race program highlighted by the running of the time honored Group 2 Sunshine Sprint open to all comers and paced over the mile, and the 3YO classic for fillies the Queensland Oaks over the middle distance of 2138 metres.

The Sunshine Sprint’s been downgraded to a Group 2 race in recent years – I blame the doped up 2016 edition winner Avonnova for that – and the prizemoney’s been halved, but it’s still wort $50 000 which is no small beer in the harness racing sport, and the Oaks is worth 50% more again with a prize money pool of $75 grand and even more to be had in sires incentive bonuses if a Queensland-bred filly can snatch the cake.

Yep, there’s a lot of dough to be won in those two races, but even when you put the pots of gold on offer together there’s still more to be had in one of the lowliest races on the 11 race card, the UBET Band 5 Pace which runs at 5.05 pm as race 1 on the card before most of the punters and fans even arrive at the track, and by golly gee and jingo that bucket of gold is a whole lot easier to win as I’ll explain in a second.

It seems a bloody strange thing that a bog-standard race run at an unsociable hour could be worth more than the combined total of two time-honoured events  that are among the most prestigious on the annual Queensland harness racing calendar being run on the same night doesn’t it sportsfans?

But there’s reason, and that reason is that for some inexplicable reason UBET have decided in the company’s great wisdom to tip $25 000 that it’s skimmed out of gallops racing quadrella pools into a jackpot First 4 bonus on the first race of the night, and in its great wisdom the Albion Park Harness Racing Club headed by the Rooster – who’s got the numbers on the board over Clip Clop, if you believe what the chicken’s got to say after a few beers anyway – have in their wisdom decided to guarantee the First 4 pool on the plodders race to the tune of $100 000, although where the hell they will get the dough to make up the shortfall if there’s one is anyone’s guess because the club is losing money hand over foot year on year and the industry is losing even more.

They didn’t need to worry though because by some miracle that occurs in total contradiction to logic, history, mathematics, the universal laws of wagering, and simple common sense the First 4 pool for the UBET Band 5 Pace that kicks off while the TAB’s are empty and Cuter Than Cute Crystal at the Zillmere agency is emptying the bins, and the pubs are deserted, and there are about 20 people at the track betting on the tote jump to a massive $132 389.00, almost 30% percent more than that of the similarly guaranteed $100 000 trifecta pool on the last race run at the far more popular Doomben gallops just 25 minutes before.

The Rooster and Clip Clop want you to believe that these pools are real and organic and simply a result of the inspirational Albion Park leadership that has guaranteed the pools and just like Peter V’Landys of the AJC has led the club up the mountain and to the pinnacle of turnover revenue success.

If you believe Clip Clop and the Chook you’re an imbecile. Show me any race, anywhere with a guaranteed exotic wagering pool that is 20 odd times the total win bet pool on the same race.

Go on, have a crack. It’s a challenge to any naysayer who says that I’m wrong, and I will put up a carton for every successful entry that can find me one run between the turn of the 21st century and the date that I first started writing about this issue, and only one term and condition applies.

The race can’t be at Albion Park.

Like I say, stop telling me I’ve got it arse up and find me an example that fits the bill.

One, just one, and you have 17 years, 10 months and 21 days over which you can find it.

Bet you can’t, and I’ll tell you why.

Because the fix is in.

The pools are bullsh*t, designed merely to artificially – and totally falsely – for two reasons.

One is to boost the turnover figures at Albion Park and disguise the fact that since Clip Clop – for reasons of imperative and richly rewarding other business deals and opportunities – took his eye off the ball, or had to anyway to allow the other deals to come to fruition, and allowed his erstwhile and thoroughly decent committed but totally limited yes men run the joint, it’s been financially f*cked and bleeds money like a stuck flying pink pig.

The second is that the guarantee by the club and the money wagered into the pool on Field – Field – Field – Field combination bets guaranteed to deliver a winning ticket at a reduced investment: return ratio that a rich devotee of the sport who’s making plenty elsewhere mask the fact that the UBET jackpot that has been tossed into the pot, and is free money, can be grabbed with both hands by any crew smart enough to rig certain elements of the race and make sure that a few of the multitude of combination tickets leaving certain well fancied horses out of their expected holes returns a dividend that makes their race fixing conspiracies well worth the minimal risk involved after the Chief Steward’s copped his unholy pre-race sling.

Prove me wrong.

Find me the race with the exotic pool twenty times the win pool and win the carton.

C’mon Rooster!

C’mon Clip Clop!

Show the world that Archie’s got the whole thing wrong.

In the meantime I’ll show you how to rort an inflated First 4 Pool.

Clip Clop Tells Archie to ‘Take Two to the Valley” – Archie Tells Clip Clop That He’s Been Rolling Around With Maggie Down In One of Clover For Years – Do Yourself a Favor and Take a Quaddie, a Treble, and a Card Full of First Fours at Albion Park Tonight Sportsfans – You’ll Become Part of History and Help Keep Harness Racing Alive – The First Time a Tatts Bet Race Meeting Had Had a Jackpot Pool on Every Race in Recorded TAB History – How Good Is This? – Thank You Archie – You’re Welcome Punters – Long Live the Red Hots!



Transvestites? Financial Problems? Laying 15 Workers? Erotic Footwear? Bubbled Up Brisbane Race Callers Dancing in the Front Row? – Was That Really a Full as a Fowl The Rooster That Shaun and His Hubby Chris Spotted at QPAC Last Night Grooving to Kinky Boots For the Third Time This Week? – The Little Bugger Must Have Backed a Mid-Week Winner!

Yes sportsfans I know up rather late this morning, but I’ve just been on the blower to Shaunie the best man at me and Maggie’s wedding, and he was carrying on like a pork chop raving about the night on the champers him and his hubby Christopher had last night while my little tin lid was babysitting the girls – they’re a pair of some sort of fluffy little white poofy dogs that wear rainbow collars and have pink bows on their noggins – and thanking me profusely for forcing her to cross the Vegas river for the purpose but not offering a sling, and telling me all about some nut job musical called Kinky Boots that they went to while real men were studying the Saturday form, and I was pretending to listen and throwing in the odd grunt of approval while watching Porn Hun with the sound turned off with one eye and doing the ratings on the Albion Park Trots with the other, when suddenly my queerer than a row of tents good mate said something that made me jump to attention.

Well one part of me anyway. The other was already there.

Have I ever told you my Melbourne Mate the Tiger’s favourite saying?

“Any man who says he doesn’t pull himself is a wanker”.

George Pell would do well to learn it.

Anyway, back to Shaunie, and this is what he had to say that sparked my attention.

“Bishie (It’s Mr Butterfly to you Shaunie, but anyway) you know that guy I danced with at the Wickham that night when I was sixteen and you slipped me your ID so I could get in the door? The one who went to Grammar and lost his hair early after losing the month’s house keeping money on the punt the same Tuesday that his Mum and Dad handed it to him before taking off on the month long cruise?”

“Do you mean the Rooster?” I asked Shaunie.


“Yes that’s him, the fellow who has the radio program on that AM station and plays the pokies at the Albion Hotel 6 days a week in the early hours of the morning”

“Six days a week Shaunie” I replied. “Does he pull a God and the Sabbath sort of scheme and rest on the seventh or something”

“Don’t be silly dear. He’s at the Sportsman on Sunday nights for the show!”

I felt like a fool, and had to eat a bit of humble pie, which gave Shaunie a kick ‘cos it’s not often he gets one over me.

“Yeah good gay boy, one to you” I conceded. ‘Take it off the bill. Anyway, what is it about the Rooster you want to tell me?”

“Only that Chris and I saw him at XYZ bar and ABC bar and QED bar and YIC bar and that he drank a bottle of French bubbly at each because it was international champagne day, and that in between we saw him down the front at Kinky Boots dancing his arse off and singing along to every word”.

“That’s all. Oh, and how do you reckon he’ll go on the Mic today with Weinstein-sized headache he’s going to have after doing a most of the nighter down in the Valley on the bubbles?”

I hung up on him at that point, because Clip Clop was calling on one of the other lines, and I had Jacinda Arden and Laura on hold on the two others.

If I’d bothered to answer the gay millionaire artist I call my fourth best mate though it would have been in exactly these terms.

“I bet the Rooster’s bloody praying for rain”.


I Was Only Joking About the Threesome Laura! – Put Some Bloody Clothes On! – And Tell ‘Em Archie Died Game in the Saddle! – Lucky Undies – The Secret to Every Geebung Jockey’s Success


Why do bloody sheilas always have to strip down to their undies and bras every time I’m around?

Can’t they just keep their bloody clothes on?

Now I’m in the sh*t with Maggie. She reckons I’m holding out on her.

Nah. I’m just lucky.

It’s all in the undies.

Just ask Laura.


You can be lucky too, and support the National Jockey’s Trust at the same time, and all it will cost you is ten lazy bucks.

For the first pair anyway.

Once you get your socks rocked off in Archie’s jocks you’ll be buying 20 pairs at a time, and never wearing anything else again other than a smile.

Like I said, just ask Laura.

Get your lucky undies right now by clicking here and then get on!

UBET you’ll be winner!

Editors note: You’re looking a little scrawny Harrison. Maggie says she’ll cook you a week’s worth of high-carb meals if you promise you’ll eat the whole 2 litres of your full-fat ice cream with chocolate topping for dessert afterwards. She’s desperate to pinch that ride!


You Don’t Have to Take This Crap – You Don’t Have to Sit Back and Relax – Governments Crack and Systems Fall – ‘Cause Dessie Does Palasz and Uncle Rupert are Powerful – Lights Go Out – Fourth Estates and Truth and Walls Come Tumbling Down

You don’t have to take this crap
You don’t have to sit back and relax
You can actually try changing it
I know we’ve always been taught to rely

Upon those in authority 
But you never know until you try
How things just might be 
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change 
Yes and walls can come tumbling down

Governments crack and systems fall
‘Cause unity is powerful
Lights go out, walls come tumbling down


There’s an article on page 3 of the Brewery-Snail (Courier-Mail) today in which Dessie ‘Does Palasz’ Houghton – a mad alcoholic free piss quaffer and global on the freebie traveler who’d be a great journalist if he wasn’t such a lazy pretend proto-tory comp catcher – decries the fact that the working men and women who work long hours and sacrifice their family and social lives to that they can keep our power on so the lights, fridge, computer, telly, washine machine, microwave, freezer, powered oxygen tank, dialysis machines and out phone chargers don’t go out are now earning almost half of what he does for 12 brutal hours of hard graft on a keyboard stationed on his Vercase designed marble and lace keyboard holder next to the jacuzzi each week.

It’s a f*ckinjg outrage isn’t it sportsfans.

These bastards are paid $65 a day – almost $4 a bloody non-work hour! – to stay off the piss, not go and watch their daughter play in the SEQ Under 12 Netball Championships in Gympie, refuse their mate Archie’s offer of a free weekend in the Fish’s penthouse mansion at Tumblegum above the pub, knock back the all-expenses paid invite to the corporate box at Skilled Stadium for the semi-final, sleep with the phone next to the marital bed, answer it at 4:00 am if it rings even though they’ve only just got back from the last job at 1.30, pull off the franger and chuck on the overalls and then race off to the other side of town to restore a sub-station to make sure that all the old ducks in the retirement home next door don’t drop off the perch when the power on their respirator goes off, and can still have some hot brekky and a cup of tea.

The wife’s dropped the first foal while Sparky’s out on the town in his fluro shirt and carrying a tool box, but that’s irrelevant. This is about saving honest taxpayers a couple of cents a year that if they all pool together will almost buy them a communal copy of the Brewery-Snail that they can share read to learn how much they’re being bloody ripped off.

Sixty-five dollars a day to do no nothing except be available 24 hours a day and be ready to jump out of bed and go out in the dark rain, hail or shine to keep some Queenslanders power supply going!

What an absolute Cedric Rocker this is!

It’s a goddamn outage outrage!

There will be none of this sort of left-wing ideological ‘let’s keep the lights on and cost the Queensland taxpayer 0.0000000000000000000014 centsdfcxe per day’ power security of supply crap when the LNP gets back in, mark Dessie Does Palasz’s words.

Those overall wearing, plier-wielding bastards will be paying us for the privilege of walking down a dark cul-de-sac in Woodridge where the ice dealers live at 3.30 in the morning to fix a 4 year old kid with cancer’s electricity operated chemo machine.

Or at least their boss’s who’ve copped the outsourced contracts after kicking in election donations and slinging back-handers will anyway.

Don’t you worry about that.