Young Terri Butler, the recently elected MP whose life ambition is to become the next Julia Gillard, has clearly been burning the midnight oil over the thesaurus prior to launching this energetic, although somewhat repetitive, spray at our beloved PM Jughead. But perhaps next time the grafter from Griffith decides to show her Labor caucus colleagues just how smart she really is, she might elect to select a sledge with a single meaning, for I don’t quite think she was trying to describe the archaic Abbott as remarkably good was she?

And a quick tip for the future for the newcomer – when you are getting stuck into your opponent on the topic of learning it pays to spend a few seconds consulting with a calculator so you can be armed with the knowledge that 4 take away 1.66 equals 2.34. A bit or revision is also useful so that you might remember what year it is that the ‘grade sixers’ actually enter High School (in Queensland at least – they’ve been doing it down south for decades).

An egregious effort Mrs Spence. C+.