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The Shuttlecock waits for the next train out of Ferny Grove. Funky’s shouted him the ticket.

Dale ‘the Shuttlecock’ Shuttleworth, has been the State member for Ferny Grove for the past 3 years, although a recent poll we conducted in the electorate shows that 94 out of the 100 people we talked to don’t have the faintest idea who he is.

There’s probably a very good reason for this, for the hard-working local is anything but, preferring to pop out a Thursday to watch the pro’s shoot a few rounds of golf at the Keperra Country Golf Club rather than do any hard graft for the suckers in the electorate who voted him onto the gravy train.

But I shouldn’t be too hard on him- at least he was doing something in October, which judging by his diary is more than he’s done during the past 3 months, which have been chock a block full of…….well, nothing. Not a single thing.


I tell you what, we really get value out of our elected representatives in State Parliament don’t we?

To be fair though he will get off his ass and out and about in the electorate if there’s free grog involved. He can’t spell the name of the community organisation that’s putting on the piss, but why should he because after all he pork barreled them the dough from the public purse to pay for it so he can drink as much as he bloody likes can’t he.

And if he wants the charity to shout his mate Andrew a few schooners too well that’s alright as well, because Andy’s never going to get into parliament no matter how hard he tries. And try he has, because the bloke knocking them back with the Shuttlecock is none other than a chap named Andrew McMicking, a confirmed bachelor who loves nothing better than people looking and has carved himself an attention seeking niche as a trivia host for the purpose.


But trivia’s trivial, and But that’s not the stage Andy really wants to be on, for McMicking’s dream is to become a politician, just like his mate the Shuttlecock.

So far he’s had no luck, but the serial ALP preselection candidate and well-known faction hopper who has lost his various bids to become the Labor candidate in the seats of Ferny Grove, Enoggera, and Ryan (just to name a few) during his dogged pursuit of living his dream hasn’t given up yet, although after his latest debacle he bloody well should.


Anyone remember the wannabe politician who got on the turps last October and tweeted offensive comments to TV personality Paul Murray calling his dead infant son a grub? Then tried to blame it on an unidentified friend.

That’s our man Andy, the bloke having a few beers with the Shuttlecock.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps hey?