In August 2013 Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale – a convicted criminal, not that you are allowed to talk about that – was dead keen on the idea of a super stadium being built in his supposedly fine city.


Criminal? What’s that you say Archie? You’re full of sh*t, surely!

Am I?

Here, take a look at this 1999 Criminal Justice Commission report into the Netbet Affair. Sometimes being old ain’t that bad. Nah, that’s crap. Being old sucks.


Anyway, returning to the main theme, so keen was PisasaleĀ to have the Ipswich stadium built that he offered the Springfield Land Corporation a 99 year lease on council land for a peppercorn.

In other words, he was prepared to gift the Springfield scam-merchants a huge tract of average punter owned land for a buck.

Pisasale the pyro even wrote his stadium dreams into the council plan.


He was super keen on Springfield, was the Mayor.

But somewhat less keen on Springfield’s mirror image Ripley, another planned new city development that was to be built on a swamp.


After all, Springfield paid for his campaign expenses, and looked after him well.

And his Springfield mates had their stadium plan in the bag, or so he thought.

Then suddenly they didn’t.

And just as suddenly Pisasale no longer wanted a dirty, rotten stadium in Ipswich City.

Or at least not one that wasn’t built in Springfield.

Funny that hey?

Or not, as the case may be.