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Stack calls the now adult former students boys again, twice. But it is he who is the boy, these former students are men.

Lambert again accuses him of a cover up, putting it to Stack that it was not in Grammar’s interests to uncover any more victims.

“I reject that. You are talking about my reputation here”.

It clearly hasn’t dawned on him yet that he no longer has a reputation; it is lying on the rubbish tip floor in absolute tatters.

Stack is asked how Dr Lawrence was chosen as the Psychiatrist to whom victims would be referred, at Grammar’s expense. He claims he does not know, but I for one certainly do not believe him, not for a second.

Lambert asks Stack if he is aware of any connection between Dr Lawrence and any member of the Board of Trustees. He says he is not, but adds that she was a former Brisbane Grammar girl, then realising that he should not have said this adds that it had nothing to do with the matter.

Stack calls the former students boys again – it is the fourth time in the past 10 minutes – and then checks himself, and says they are not boys, they are young men. Or he regards them as young men anyway.

Young men? They are in their forties.

Lambert asks Stack if Dr Lawrence gave any information about her treatment of BQA to the Grammar school solicitors. He says she did not, but appears to know a little more about BCA’s treatment than he otherwise should, because he begins talking about Dr Lawrence ceasing her treatment of BCA, and appears to know exactly why.

Stack is becoming animated about the matter. He doesn’t want to talk about it he says, he doesn’t want the relevant documents published by the commission, it takes us nowhere he says.

But his lawyer does not object to its admission, or at least not publicly anyway.