Gee my hands and wrists are becoming sore from all this typing, but like a bee drawn to a honey pot, or more aptly a fly drawn to fresh sh*t, I cannot stop myself, even at the risk of the long-term damage wrought by RSI or carpal tunnel issues.

Razor asks Dr Phil a couple of questions about his knowledge of the widespread and rampant pedophilia in the Tasmanian Church after he moved to South Australia. He says he had none, outside of what he knew about Brandenburg’s crimes.

Then Razor turns the spotlight to Brisbane, and the vile pedophile John Elliott. She wants Dr Phil to tell her why he allowed Elliott – who was serving jail time when Dr Phil moved to Brisbane to take up his new job as Archbishop – to resign as a priest rather than simply sacking the bastard.

One guess what the answer is.

The lawyers told him to. The lawyers, it’s always the lawyers.

Do any of these holy men ever read the bloody bible?

Razor then asks Dr Phil a big question – does he believe that there was an organised pedophile ring being operated within and by the leadership group of CEBS?

Dr Phil plays a dead bat that Geoff Boycott would be proud of, saying that is a question for the Royal Commission to determine, not him.

So Razor alters the question slightly, and asks him if he believes that a number of perveted pedos infiltrated CEBS and used it to operate a pedo ring.

He plays a dead bat again, once more saying that is a question for the RC to determine.

Next Razor pulls out the report from the Anglican Church’s own inquiry into child sexual abuse within the church, and asks Dr Phil what explanation he can provide to explain the fact that 33% of the nearly 200 identified offenders were involved in CEBS.

The bloke who heads the Brisbane church, and used to head the church Australia why, doesn’t have a bloody clue.

Isn’t that comforting to parents across the wide brown land?

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be CEBS Boys

Don’t let ’em carry bibles

Get raped and get f*cked

Let em be Catholics

And Salvos

And such

On second thoughts …………