Razor now turns her sharp eye to the structural issues that allow Anglican pedophiles to operate across State borders.

She astutely observes that the decentralised structure of the Australian church, where each Diocese is autonomous and answers only to themselves, enables pedos within the church to travel interstate to church events and have their merry way with unsuspecting young boys, and then return to their home diocese safe from any censure or action by the diocese in which they committed their crimes if they are unlucky enough to get sprung.

Dr Phil agrees that this is the case.

Razor asks him how this might be addressed in his opinion.

He doesn’t have any answers whatsoever, other than to say that the church’s new national professional standards policy may help to fix the problem. May, mind you.

All these decades of abuse, all these lives ruined – my own included – and the best that the man (?) who was the top dog in the church for years can come up with is a few sheafs of paper.

This bloke is a dead-set f*cking joke. He is unfit to hold any office whatsoever within the church. In fact about all he is good for is a job scrubbing the floors in Wacol Prison.

Here you imbecile, I’ll give you the answer to Razor’s question, it’s not that bloody hard – change the structure of the goddamn church. Centralise control.


We take a quick adjournment before the cross-examinations start so the lawyers can take instructions. It’s good to know that at least some legal practitioners do it.