Last week we reported live and exclusively from the Child Abuse Royal Commission about the sins and ommissions of the pedo protector and child sexual abuse cover up king Gerard Menses, the former head of Anglicare who now heads the hitherto well-respected and much-loved children’s charity the Make a Wish Foundation.

We told you all about how Menses, whilst head of Anglicare in South Australia, not only failed to discipline a senior youth worker who had been sprung naked in his spa bath with an equally naked 10-year-old boy under his care, but failed to even record the incident on his personnel file.

WTF I hear you asking?

Yeah, I asked that question too, and then asked it even louder after the next bit of evidence, which was that the same Youth Worker – a piece of sh*it pedophile named Robert Brandenburg, who just so happened to be a mate of a bloke named Dr Phillip Aspinall, the now Archbishop of Brisbane, who to this day calls him Bob – got spotted by a campsite caretaker on one occasion taking another young boy in his charge to a deserted campsite, and disappearing into a cabin, and on another sleeping overnight with the young lad at the same deserted campsite.

And what did Mr Gerard Menses, who today heads a child charity do? Absolutely f*cking nothing, other than to apologise to the child sex abuser for putting him to the inconvenience of a chat about the most alarming allegation – which Dr Phil’s man Bob admitted outright – and then to invent a response that the Bob the sicko b*astard didn’t actually give, which was to deny that he was a predatory pedo who preyed on pre-pubescent piano players, when in fact doing so was indeed his greatest delight.

Upon hearing these most alarming revelations we immediately telephoned the head of Media and PR at Make a Wish, and left messages on both her desk and mobile phones seeking a comment from the organisation about the startling unchallenged evidence that had just been presented at a Royal Commission regarding the CEO’s historical cover-up of child sexual abuse.

Did we get a response?

We wish.

They obviously take child safety seriously at the charity which teams up with such august business partners as the weight-loss rip-off firm Isagenix, the weight-gain specialists Krispy Creme Doughnuts and Peters Ice Cream, the company whose senior managers allegedly bribed union officials Mirvac, the climate change criminals Caltex, and the most appropriately named pool vacuum mob Kreepy Krauly.

So seriously that they refuse to return the calls of journalists.

What the hell is going on at the children’s charity?

Let’s just hope like hell that their failure to respond is a mere oversight, and that they don’t consider the interests of their CEO as more important than the needs of the kids to whom they grant dreams and wishes.

These kids have seen enough tragedy – my wish is that they are never exposed to single one more – and I’m sure that everyone involved with the organisation agrees. Which is exactly why we want to know why Mr Menses continues to steer the ship.

Loose lips may sink them. But child abuse cover-ups will scuttle them a whole lot faster.

You have my number.

Ring, ring – why don’t you give me a call?