Hi Mel

Like you I’m a crusading investigative journalist who is usually well ahead of the pack (see below) and I have been attempting to seek comment from the Make a Wish Foundation in regard to the revelations last week at the Child Abuse Royal Commission that the CEO of the organisation, Gerard Menses, covered up credible allegations of gross sexual abuse by a staff member when he was the head of Anglicare in the 1990’s.

Now I have to say that I ain’t whistling Dixie, for during his testimony Mr Menses put his hand up to the allegations and said ‘I did it’, so you can understand my concerns, and the reason I wish to whether Make a Wish intends to give the bloke the flick, given that the charity deals with vulnerable kids on a daily basis.

I’ve left a number of messages with the media manager, but no bugger (pardon the pun) will return my calls, which is somewhat concerning, in my view at least.

Given that you are the National Patron of the charity, and a fellow travelling journalist, I am now appealing to you for a comment regarding Mr Menses suitability to continue in his current role, given the evidence provided at the Royal Commission last week, and the almost certainly damning findings to follow.

This is not a good look for Make a Wish, not a good look at all; but even worse, this man – in my view at least – is utterly unfit any organisation that has direct contact with children, and should be removed from his position immediately.

There you are – my cards are on the table.

Can someone from Make a Wish please show us yours?

Can’t wait to hear back from you.