Last night we wrote to Melissa Doyle, TV star, mum of two, and National Patron of the Make a Wish Foundation, alerting to the admissions that the Foundation’s CEO Gerard Menses made at the Child Abuse Royal Commission last week about twice failing to act on serious allegations of a staff member’s misconduct with young children during the time he was in charge of Anglicare South Australia.

That staff member, a friend of the Brisbane Anglican Archbishop named Robert ‘ Bob’ Brandenburg went on to molest even more children after current Make a Wish chief Gerard Menses, for reasons known only to himself, allowed him to continue in his role as a Senior Youth Worker – and thus have unfettered access to young children – despite admitting that on separate occasions he had bathed naked with a 10 year old boy in his care, and slept overnight at an unoccupied church campsite with another young boy.

For reasons that are simply incomprehensible to the average reasonable person not only did Menses fail to sack Brandenburg, he took no action against him at all, and didn’t even record the alarming misconduct on the pervert’s personnel file. Of course he didn’t notify the authorities either, even though he was required to under law, and thus Menses has the blood of the who knows how many ruined lives of kids subsequently raped and molested by Brandenburg all over his filthy hands.


Last week we contacted Make a Wish, leaving a number of messages that we were investigative journalists seeking a response from the foundation, and wanting to know if they were going to sack Menses or stand him down. The foundation – who by the way aren’t any more, despite the name, and are in fact a public company limited by guarantee – have to date failed to respond to the serious concerns we have expressed about child safety, which is an absolute disgrace, so we contacted Mel to see what she could do.


And like the star that she is, the Divine Ms Doyle acted within minutes of learning of Menses admissions and omissions, and now the matter is firmly before the board and leadership team and a big URGENT – PLEASE EXPLAIN signed M. DOYLE is sitting on all their desks. Now we can expect some action I’m sure.

Good on ya Mel – it’s fantastic to see that the Patron of the worthy charity puts children first and acts immediately to protect their interests. That’s why you’re a star.

I’m not sure about the rest of them though, and I most certainly wouldn’t be saying that about your hopefully soon-to-be former CEO.