Well sportsfans, I’ll kick off the Butterfly for Brisbane Mayoral campaign by paraphrasing old Robert Nesta Marley, and saying just one simple thing to those who live within the Vegas city limits and are enrolled to vote – No City, No Song.

And Brissie doesn’t have one. A song that it. But it’s all about to change.

Aussie Archie – we’re dropping the Lord, because it’s Pommy and elitist, and the Mayor, because it sounds sexist, and replacing it with the appropriate sunburnt country honorific ‘Aussie’ – gives the Maroon supporters of Brissie his first promise.

A plebiscite on the city song.

To save a whole lot of expense, hassle and arguments – and to show my credentials as a fair-dinkum cutter of red tape – I’ve decided to cut the field down to two, and now fellow Brissie blokes and birds, the choice is over to you.

We’ll sort out the finer details of the mechanics of the vote once you all give me the nod and I sweep to power in a landslide, but choosing the River City anthem is the first big task I’m going to flick you when I take the reins, and I wanna give you plenty of time to ponder your choices and make the right call, ‘cos this is history we’re making sports fans, and we don’t want to be like Can-Do who Couldn’t and stuff it up.

So here are your choices, and I urge you to choose wisely.

Having said that, they’re both crackers, so whichever way you jump you can hardly go wrong, don’t you worry about that.

Off you go punters – pick us the song we’ll be singing at every Brissie function and do for centuries to come.

Here are your choices, and I don’t envy you having to pick the winner. They’re both sensational, and it’s a dead set toss of a coin, don’t you worry about that.


(A) Love You Brisbane


(B) Shine on Brisbane