Jamie Ross Mackenzie, a fourth generation farmer and descendant of the pioneers of the South=Western Queensland district of Killarney, was until five days ago an elected member of Southern Downs Regional Council, a western Queensland municipality covering the vast expanse of 7122 square kilometers, an area smack bang in the middle of an almighty battle between farming families wanting to protect the golden soil and pure waterways of their little patch of the wide brown land, and the multinational corporations and their seditionist so-called Australian supporters who for the sake of 30 pieces will rape and destroy it forever.

I refer of course latterly to the Coal Seam Gas, or LNG, industry and their supporters, who have like evil octopi spread their poisonous tentacles north across the border from the corrupt land of bad men like Eddie Obeid, and splashed tainted money from the  Murray’s green basin to the dusty outback, and waltzed their share interests all over.

These of course are merely allegations that have been splashed across the mainstream media and beyond, and state no claim as to their accuracy or otherwise, just as I personally have drilled no holes through hundreds of meters of sub-strata and water tables to see if there is any gas beneath that I might in the pursuit of personal riches -and by the use of untold amounts of water, sand and pressurized poisonous chemicals – frack and bring to the surface, and may the devil care for what happens to the underground water tables and hitherto highly arable land that perhaps destroy in the process.


Jamie Mackenzie laid such claims however, and in doing so attracted the opprobrium of such dedicated proponents of the rape of the Wide Brown Land as his Mayor, Peter Blundell, who had served as the regions representative on the supposedly impartial – but in fact absolutely partisan, on the side of the fracking drillers – Surat Basin Engagement Committee, headed by a man whose family held and continue to hold massively lucrative and profitable financial interests in the despoilment of our rural land.

So passionate was Councilor Mackenzie about protecting the land that he, his family, the indigenous stakeholders and in fact the entire town had been custodians of forever that a year ago he spearheaded a campaign to rebuff the foreign raiders, and led a successful motion to debar the CSG bandits from laying a single pipeline in the Southern Downs.

It was brave and fateful move that was to cost him his life, and leave a myriad of unanswered questions trailing behind.

You see, on 29 January 2016 Mackenzie drafted a confidential complaint that he intended to lodge with the Queensland Government Director-General of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning about the continued employment of the Council’s CEO . 

Whether the complaint was ever lodged is not known at this juncture, but its contents are replicated below. 

The Director General 

Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

P. O. Box 15009

By email:

Dear Sir



Please accept this as a complaint about the conduct and performance of a councilor of the Southern Downs Regional Council pursuant to Section 176 of the Local Government 2009 in relation to the review of its Chief Executive Officer.

Section (12)(4) of the Local Government Act 2009 states that the mayor has the extra responsibilities of:

“… conducting a performance appraisal of the chief executive officer, at least annually, in the way that is decided by the local government.”

Perhaps, the legislation has been breached in that the following has occurred without the approved by Council by majority vote at a statutory meeting nor delegation to any other:

(a) the way in which the review has been decided by unknown persons; and

(b) a committee of councillors has been appointed to undertake the review.

It is particularly disturbing that the councillors appointed to this committee were not approved by Council especially as one has been publicly vocal in the media as supporting the Chief Executive Officer at a time when Council was considering a development application involving his family property.

The current Chief Executive Officer’s contract of employment commenced in late January 2015 and the review process commenced and was completed before the first anniversary date. The contract allows for an independent facilitator to be commissioned to assist with the performance review process, at the Council’s cost. An independent facilitator has not been appointed by Council but by unknown persons.

The contract requires that a performance agreement was signed between the Chief Executive Officer and Council within three months of the commencement of the Contract. The performance agreement was used in the review but has not been approved by Council at a statutory meeting and there is no delegation to others for this purpose.

From my professional experience with many Councils in Queensland for approximately thirty (30) years, this is considered unusual practice in my view and I look forward to your investigation and response.


The Chief Executive Officer to which Mackenzie refers is a man named David Keenan (above) who prior to his appointment with the Southern Downs Regional Council held the role of CEO of the Tweed Shire Council, a position from which he was sacked on account of his alleged improper association with controversial NSW businessman Bob Ell, the billionaire owner of a company named Leda Holdings, who has been adversely named in the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption in relation to Ell’s dealings with corrupt former ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid, and has demonstrable links with the murdered crime figure cum property developer Michael McGurk.

Southern Down ratepayers were justified in questioning why a local government executive with such dubious associations had been appointed to head their region, and as the residents committed local representative Jamie Mackenzie had the courage to ask the questions.

And in doing so he unleashed the hounds of hell, for just four days after he drafted his complaint the Councilor whose family owned substantial holdings in the region was declared bankrupt for the paltry sum of $6 752 by a company that operates under various guises – on this occasion Complete Credit Acquisitions Pty Ltd – and is believed to be associated with, or work for, companies related to Bob Ell and his Leda Holdings group companies.


By sheer coincidence – or not – ‘someone’ happened to become aware of Mackenzie’s bankruptcy, and advised the CEO, and within moments he was forced to stand down from his Council role. And then, within days, he was dead. And those that pushed Mackenzie up to and beyond the brink were calling for his family’s privacy, and lauding his praises.

His blood is all over their hands, and there are a myriad of  questions that must be answered both about Jamie’s death and about the issues that rest behind it.

They shall be asked, in a loud and forceful voice, I promise you, and let me just say that if those that have something to hide think they can intimidate Mr A.J. Butterfly, then they fail to understand that yea, though I may walk through the Lockyer Valley of the shadow of death, I have no fear, for thy rod and thy staff and Gorgeous George and Mr Gatto and a whole host of my other mates with tattoos protect me.

But even if you find me or the Twirler when our friends are not around, don’t you worry about us worrying about you ya coal seam gas bully boys, ‘cos me and mine are from Geebung and South Auckland, and simply don’t give a f*ck about your threats or your backdoor rabbit punches. If a single one of us gets touched then make no mistake a hundred will have your name and address on their fridge, and in Geebung and the Conconut Village we pay injustices back in spades, even if it takes a hundred years.

So be assured, Jamie’s death will neither be allowed to pass unremembered, nor go unavenged.  Just you wait and fracking see.