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There has been some conjecture today about the date that the sadly departed, much loved and dearly missed friend, lover, family member, Killarney farmer, Town Planner, anti-CSG activist, and Southern Downs Councilor James Ross Mackenzie – known to one and all, except his bankruptcy petitioners, as Jamie – was declared bankrupt.

The confusion has been caused by details listed in the Federal Court records, but without attempting to describe the legal intricacies and confuse the average punter, let me put it in layperson’s terms and say those dates are just legal technicalities. As the extract from the bankruptcy register obtained tonight and reprinted above clearly displays, the date of Jamie’s bankruptcy was 2 February 2016.

Just weeks after Jamie lodged, or prepared to lodge, a complaint against the CEO and the Mayor of the Southern Downs Regional Council.

Just 7 days before an as yet unidentified person informed the Council that Jamie had become a bankrupt.

daily times


How did the unidentified person who told Council know?

Why did they know?

Who were they?

Who at Council did they tell?

What was their motivation for making the unsolicited disclosure?

How did the Daily News obtain Jamie’s bankruptcy documents?

Who gave them to the newpaper.

And why?

These are serious questions that must be answered, especially given the tragedy that followed, for just 3 days later the high-achieving, hard-working man who gave his all for the benefit of his community was dead, reportedly at his own hand.

His death is an absolute tragedy, and – given the proximate timing of the events detailed above, his history of pushing back against exploitation of the district’s golden soil and what he presumed to be at best unethical behavior, the recorded history of non-service of legal documents to him, and the fast approaching Local Government elections –  the circumstances surrounding Jamie Mackenzie s death must be fully investigated, and those involved in the events leading to his presumed decision to end his life must be called to account, and asked to explain their actions.


As a community, and as Queenslanders, we must ensure that Jamie Mackenzie’s death is not allowed to simply pass into the forgotten annals of history and time. 

He gave his all to us, and now in these dark days it is time for us to give our all in return.

Justice for Jamie.

May it become our collective plaintive cry, and may we not rest until the myriad of questions are answered, and justice is done.

Justice for Jamie!

Shout it from the rooftops, shout it across the paddocks, shout it all across the towns. Scream it as loud as you can. Justice for Jamie!

Justice for Jamie!