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Here’s the secret.

Promise that you’ll tell.

It’s the secret that reveals why Vincent O’Dempsey and Garry Dubois must be released from their respective jail cells this morning, and paid massive amounts of compensation for wrongful imprisonment; their legal teams referred to the Law Society of Queensland and the Legal Services Commission for disciplinary action and potential disbarment; and a Royal Commission instituted into the carriage of the McCulkin disappearance investigations and legal actions by the Queensland Police, Judiciary and Parliament.

This is the secret.

The fix was in.

Everything you have ever been told about the disappearance of the McCulkins is a lie.

There was only one alibi witness to the whereabouts of the career criminal Edward William ‘Billy’ McCulkin  – the estranged husband of the missing Barbara McCulkin, the former wife who he cuckolded, almost certainly pimped as a prostitute, and by his own admission assaulted and beat senseless; and the daughters that he was alleged to have sexually assaulted, raped and molested – each of whom had vanished off the face of the earth sometime between when he last saw them at 8pm on Tuesday the 15th of January 1974, and when he reported them as missing persons at some undisclosed hour on the evening of Friday the 18th of January 1974.

That alibi witness was a woman named Estelle Long. 

Estelle Long was Billy’s new girlfriend, the woman he left Barbara and the kids to live with just months before their disappearance.

She was almost certainly a one-time prostitute, and was the woman to whose small flat at Annerley that Billy McCulkin claimed that had returned to just 3 days before he reported Barbara and the girls missing on 18 January 1974.

Estelle Long was the woman that woman with whom he swore, in his police statement of 5 February 1974 – made to then Detective-Sergeant and later Police Commissioner Ron Redmond – that he spent the evenings of 16 and 17 January 1974 at her Annerley apartment.

Estelle Long was well known to police in NSW and Queensland.

For 17 years prior to taking up with Billy McCulkin in 1973 she had been the mistress of a conman, criminal, and illegal casino operator named Paul Meade, a man with deep ties to organized crime figures in NSW, including mafia-representative Jack Rooklyn, senior crime boss Fred ‘Paddles’ Anderson, and Lennie ‘Mr Big’ McPherson.

When sacked former Qld Police Commissioner ‘Sir’ Terrence Lewis was charged with corruption in 1989, one of the crimes with which he was charged was paying Estelle Long’s long time lover Meade – throughout the entire period of their 17-year relationship a married man  – undisclosed sums to protect the illegal gaming industry run by he and his seriously criminal associates. 

I have sighted a statement that the now retired pensioner Estelle Joyce Long made to Detective-Sergeant Virginia Gray of the Queensland Police Force Homicide Squad on 29 January 2015.

Copies of this statement, reproduced in full in the following article, are in the possession of a number lawyers and journalists in Australia and abroad as indeed are copies of all the source material used in the production of the series of articles that I have written regarding the McCulkin matters – and they are securely placed in sealed envelopes with clear legal instructions that they may only be opened only in the event of anything unexpected, unforeseen and unusual occurring in my life, or that of any person dear to me.

Similarly, instructions have been issued to two firms of lawyers as to what actions should be instituted and pursed in the event of any such aforesaid occurrence. 

I am from Geebung, and spent my formative years on the mean streets of Brisbane’s Valley and CBD, many times sleeping rough and vulnerable to the perversions of the monsters who haunt the dark in ours and every other city in this big bad world. I know full well how to cover my arse, and do so as a matter of course.

However I was also a victim of child rape, and have over the course of the past 3 decades worked my way through horrors that normal people will thankfully never know. And having come out the other side, and still being here to throw the bombs, I simply don’t give a f*ck about the dangers that so many warn me I may face by writing the series of articles that I have, and publishing them over the course of the coming days and weeks.

To those who may not like the truths that I expose, do your f*cking best I say, for I am sick of darkness and lies and monsters that attack innocent people in the night, and I am determined that in whichever swamp I swim I will emerge with the truth under my arm and  will goddamn make sure that it is told.

Brave? Nah, foolhardy and stupid more like it. 

But as Ned said, such is life.

OK, you’ve had the huge melodramatic intro.

Now this is what I want you to know.

Estelle Joyce Long – the only person in the whole wide world who could provide Billy McCulkin with an alibi for the murder of his wife and children – was in the 41 years between the disappearance the McCulkin women, never interviewed by the Queensland Police.


Not once.

Despite being mentioned more than 100 times in Billy McCulkin’s police statement of 5 February 1974 in relation to the disappearance of his family, the man in charge of the investigation, Detective-Sergeant Ron Redmond – the man who later become the most senior Police Officer in the State of Queensland – never, ever interviewed, or sought to have interviewed, the one person who could verify Billy McCulkin’s story that he was nowhere near the vicinity when his wife and children disappeared.

Until January 2015 Estelle had never been asked to provide a statement about her knowledge of the circumstances of the McCulkin’s disappearance, despite being the vital key to determining whether the prime suspect may have committed the vile crime. 

If this fact appears to defy credulity, it is because it does.

There is only a single possible explanation.

The fix was in.

From day one.

The Police were involved in the McCulkin’s murder, and Billy McCulkin knew it.

Or alternatively, Billy McCulkin was involved in his family’s murder, and the police knew it.

Whichever way you like it, the result is the same.

Vincent O’Dempsey and Garry Dubois are innocent.

They did not commit this crime, and any person with an ounce of intelligence, a smidgen of knowledge, and access to the primary source documents knows it.

A terrible travesty has occurred.

Justice has been perverted.

Two innocent men are trapped in a living hell.

Free them now.

We must free them now.

The rule of law and all that we hold dear in our democracy demands it.

For if Dubois and O’Dempsey are not freed, then next time it could be you.