As readers will be aware the Warwick Daily News is refusing to discuss their role in the release of Jamie Mackenzie’s personal financial information in the week prior to his death, for reasons unexplained other than to claim that they do not know who your humble correspondent is.

This of course is a load of bollocks, because the Kiwi clown making the claim – and acting like a typical smarmy media executive in the process – published a number of stories by and about me when we both lived in the Land of the Long White Cloud, and has his people following this website closer than a bloke loses interest in his missus after achieving orgasm. And she he too, in the event she gets there first, and lest I be accused of misogyny.

Given the fact that the readership of this site roughly equals that of a large number of APN’s rural publications – and in fact outstrips many – the city dwelling blow-in who seems to be believe that the art of journalism lies in toadying up to PR spin-merchants and sucking advertisers toes is being somewhat cute by claiming that this writer is a nobody who deserved to be ignored.

I wonder if the mistakenly cocksure Kiwi has a direct line to leaders of political parties both Federal and State, award winning journalists across the land, high-ranking UN officials, lawyers, judges, sporting superstars, church leaders and business luminaries and philanthropists such as my friend Mr Gatto.

It’s highly doubtful, just as the bloke who never actually met Jamie Mackenzie’s craven claim that his paper had an extremely close relationship with the man they decided to stab in the heart is more difficult to believe than the notion of the smart-arse Bryce Johns’ hometown of Wanganui ever making the world’s 100 most liveable cities list.

Clearly Mr John’s private equity owned employer have a few things they don’t wish to be made public about their actions in relation to the leaks, and I suspect that it’s because the paper has colluded with certain people closely associated with their biggest advertiser – the Southern Downs Regional Council – and performed an underhanded character assassination gone horribly wrong.

It is in my humble yet cynical view for sure and certain the same reason that the Mayor of the Council has pulled up the shutters and refuses to answer any questions whatsoever, even about those that have nothing to do with Mr Mackenzie and everything to do with him, and the veracity of his declarations made under the auspices of the Local Government Act.

To be very clear about the issue, we are not alleging that Mayor Blundell has done anything wrong or untoward. We are simply asking him by way of a series of quite transparent and straightforward questions to assure us that he has not.

Yet Councilor Blundell, who cannot have any idea whatsoever regarding the wishes of Jamie Mackenzie in relation to his family members right to make decisions on his behalf, simply because his will is yet to be read, takes cover behind what he claims are the family’s wishes that he keep his lips stitched tighter than a Kings Cross strippers corset.

It’s funny that, because what I’m hearing loud and crystal-clear on the grapevine is that certain members of Jamie’s family, and a great many of his friends,  are far from pleased with the actions of Mayor Blundell and certain people close to him, and would like nothing better than to see a bit of full disclosure about all the relevant issues, and watch those with dirty hands be tied to the dials of the town clock and spun faster than the second hand would turn if the clock had one.

Well if you want the bastards kept honest, and you want a backhoe to keep digging for the truth, well you’re looking straight at your man.

And if over-paid and over-confident newspaper executives are too cocky to do their due diligence before issuing bully-boy defamation threats to an investigative journo who eats lawsuits on toast with his Vegemite for breakfast, well more fool them.

The circumstances surrounding Jamie’s removal from Council are not going to be swept under the carpet, despite what anyone may think, and we’re not going away. The wheels of discovery and various complaints processes move slowly, but hey, we’re as patient as the local farmer our grandfather used to be, and we remember how long it took out great-grandfather to march from Killarney to Brisbane so that he could board a boat to far-distant France and sacrifice his life for our freedom on the Western Front.

So don’t worry about us Mr Mayor and Mr Executive, we’ll still be here long after you might begin to imagine that the coast is clear. We want our questions answered, and if you won’t provide the replies, well we’ll just get them from elsewhere, because Jamie deserves answers, in death as in life, and the truth of his story must and will be told.

Don’t you worry about that.

Killarney War Memorial