Some blokes never get off the ground,

But butterflies always fly.With beauties more often that not.

Whose brothers tend to be somewhat protective, and always over-rate their anaerobic ability.

Let’s call it for what it is though – a Gebung Boy up against a Burwood Greek. There can only be one result. Bunga boy first, daylight second.

Know your limitations Athens Alex, before you get all antagonistic, cos we’ve packed Downfall Creek with Piranhas in anticipation, and dredged the Zillman Waterholes so that they run deep.

Capiche young wannabe Capo?

Pick your mark son, for it’s a lesson long taught by Kevvie, and one well learned.Never take a love struck butterfly on in his own cocoon.


Archie gets all the good looking girls Gorgeous, and if you can’t cop the attraction up frony them seek out Fenech to fix your frailties, think again buddy, because young Jeffrey may once have once won a few world titles, but how the hell do ya reckon that he got his Maltese purple rose mashed before he even ever stepped in the ring?

Downfall Creek runs deep buddy, and young Jeff has been avoiding the Bungs big time and maintaining a  solemn silence ever since the day he got his head flushed and his ass kicked in the public dunny next to the Bowden Park oval by Cool Hand Arch and the Fabulous Footy Field five.

So protect your bonfire-hot sisters from falling in lyricist like me all you like Gorgeous. But bunga boys leave scars all over, and be warned,.

Gee mate though, wouldn’t we make crackerjack brothers in law?

It’s just be Karma camel!