There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and when an antagonistic arsehole named Archie has the door shut in his face by internet providers unknown, then the backdoor bandit starts probing the other hole.

And just take a look at what the bum-boy finds when he does a surreptitious search for the Directors of News Ltd under a bounced IP address and an unnamed mates name.

A Boys Club.

Six directors, and five of them blokes.

And guess who the solitary sheila is?

The former CFO in Murdoch’s UK empire at the time they were hacking dead people’s phones and email accounts.

Susie Panuccio, the sheila who gave evidence in the Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson ‘We’re a pair of unethical c*nts’ who’ll f*ck over anyone even if they are dead trial’.

Here’s the f*cking hilarious thing, and it’s not Kylie Lang’s Jetstar-sponsored nonsense about the glass ceiling preventing women from climbing the stairway to heaven and taking the Lang Way to the Top in the Murdoch Empire.


The empirical evidence already tells us unequivocably that Kylie’s either

  1. As mad as I am;
  2. Madder;
  3. Misinformed; or
  4. Mendacious.

None of which is humorous, for Archie does not pick on the disabled, no matter how badly they may think of him, or matter what newspapers in their stable may say.

No, the funny thing is that the Murdoch Empire deleted their email cache – permanently, in a manner that they could never be recovered – when the allegations about their company’s phone tapping, hacking, and computer meddling began to emerge.



The entire News Ltd email server was deleted about half a decade before the NSW branch of the CFMEU realised that their very own server was overcrowded – and thus causing  communication problems hindering the efforts of their organisers out on the streets of Sydney striving to keep hard working Australian workers safe – and elected to defer to the better judgement of their capitalist betters, and delete the whole f*cking thing.

After all, Rupert and his solitary sheila on the board couldn’t possibly be wrong, could they? No way!

News Limited deleted their server because well, um, ah, oops, um ……

But those c*nts from the CFMEU?

It was all Gorgeous George’s fault.

That gangster f*cker is here, he’s there, he’s big bad George he’s everywhere.

So you can’t blame Rupert’s mob for electing to report the CFMEU email deletion  like this, can you?

After all, that Alex arsehole hangs out with bad guys.

Something that Sir Rupert would never do, no way man, not in a million years or a shot down passenger jet.


After all, the Papal Knight Rupert and his Sugarhill Gang aren’t hypocrites.

Nor is our old mate Kylie Lang.

After all, she’s an Ambassador!