Pell declares that he is not here to defend the indefensible.

He says that in many places the Church has ‘mucked things up’ and that he is not here to try to pretend that this was not the case.

Mucked things up?

Raped, f*cked, s*cked, fingered, wanked, whipped, tied up, tortured and stuck dicks up young boys arses.

Mucked up.

Pell blames it on original sin.

And then claims the reforms that were instituted 20 years ago – the ‘Melbourne Response’, that he himself instituted – are the most progressive implemented in any church across the world.

He is f*cking kidding himself.

The fool’s vanity knows no limits.

Does he not understand that the very reason he is before us today is that the program that he instituted – freakishly named ‘Beyond Healing’ – is so f*cked up?

So duplicitous, deceitful. deceptive and perverted that it has become a prime focus of the Royal Commission.

No he does not understand. He continues to defend his crooked jack-up as crackerjack.

Pell is told that as a youth he was a standout sportsman in Ballarrat. He cops the praise on the chin, just as he does the assertion that his pub-owning family were exremely prominent in the the local area, and therefore leading citizens.

He doesn’t accept that he was identified as a young man as a future leader of the church, although it is clear that he does indeed agree with the proposition, and is simply pretending to be modest.

His vanity is exposed just seconds later when he tells us that he was the first novitiate priest since the reformation to attain a Doctorate.

Good on ya Georgie, you’re a goddamn f*cking legend son.