The Commissioner want to know what Pell knows about hiding the sins of Pedo priests, and shipping them off overseas to get them out of the law’s way, during the period that he was running the show.

These were the years 1971-1984 as it pertains to this questioning.

Of course Georgie knows nothing.


A priest named Paul Ryan was not sent by him to the US to escape child sex charges, oh no, not at all.

He was just a bad egg who wasn’t suited to being a priest Pell says. But he can’t remember why. He just was, that’s all.

Repeated questioning doesn’t elicit any further information from Pell.

It is very clear that he is being ultra-careful not to commit perjury.

Pell is asked about the monster Gerard Risdale, the crazed criminal who attacked boys at every possible opportunity, and was allowed to continue doing so by the church hierarchy, which simply moved him to another parish every time a new allegation emerged.

Georgie didn’t know a thing about it.

That’s his story and he is sticking to it, come hell or come high water.

Being the dingo that he is, Pell blames it all on Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, the cover-up merchant who is near dead from cancer.

Ronny’s a c*nt, don’t you worry about that, but he didn’t act alone.

The now Vatican Treasurer was up to his neck in it with him.

But of course he’ll never admit it, and doesn’t.

The bloke with the Spanish Dancer did it. He did it all.

This is word of the George.

Thanks be to George.