The Treasurer of the Vatican is asked whether it was de rigeur back in his Ballarat days to dismiss the complaints of sex abuse victims, based on the well-founded belief that kids who break down shaking and crying and reveal that they have had a chalice stuck in their arse in the vestry by their parish priest are simply god-damned little f*cking liars.

‘Well sort of’ says George. ‘Things were different back then’.

Yes they were.

Abusing little kids was thought of as a pleasant pral Heliestly game.Just a spot of fun.

There was no Royal Commission in place to call the c*nts to account of course.

Pell is asked whether the Church covered up child rape, and took the view that rapists in the clergy were simply poor buggers who required treatment.

‘It was a moral failure and a sin’ says Georgie.

Then hesitantly he admits ‘and it was also a crime’.

Spot on Sherlock.

But then he claims that the priests just needed spiritual counselling and medical help.

Not a word about the kids.

F*ck them.

Every other priest did.