Billy tells DS Bazza that his ex and the tin lids are missing. He doesn’t say that they might have pissed off down to the Goldie for the weekend without telling him, or that Barb might have snagged a new boyfriend and be shagging him out at Sandgate while the girls fish off the Shorncliffe Pier.

Nup, he tells them that they are missing.

Next – and take note of this sportsfans, for you are not going to hear it very often again – Billy tells Bazza that he is not on the best of terms with the ex at the moment, because he is plugging the pin bits of the old tart with the new pink Holden, whose address he will not reveal to DS Plod, who for reasons unknown doesn’t push the issue.

But that’s not the issue that should be grabbing your attention right now – this is.


Billy tells DS Bazza that he is not at present on the best of terms with his ex-missus Barbara. He doesn’t say why, but alluded to the fact that it is because he is rooting Estelle, whose address he will not disclose.

The address issue is important, because look at what DS Baz has recorded as Robert William McCulkin’s address on his Crime Investigation Report.

You can’t perform a Break and Enter on a house that you live in, can you? But if you bust into the home of the missus that you have left for another woman, and are not on the best of terms with, then that’s another issue isn’t it?

Particularly when the only explanation for the broken glass around the door – the broken glass that afforded entry to someone, a someone who may or may not be involved in the disappearance of the McCulkin Three – is Billy’s highly dubious tale, which is unable to be corroborated both because there are no witnesses to his breaking of the glass around the door, and also because the Qld Police didn’t seek to find any.

Just a fortnight later our Billy made a police statement, given to future Commissioner Rocket Ron Redmond, and this is what he said.


Think about it.

Think about it very closely.

Think about the address that DS Basil Hicks entered in his Crime Intelligence Report.

Think about Billy’s statement to Baz that he and Barb were on sh*thouse terms.

Think about Billy’s statement to Redmond that they were on reasonably friendly terms.

Then think about what Billy has also told Redmond below.


Barbara seemed quite happy.

Twice she did.

Even though Billy was rooting the tart from the pub with the flash new pink Holden Premier, and Barb was stuck at home sick, out of work in the days when there was no Single Parent’s Benefit or Parenting Payment, and reliant on her c*nt of an ex-husband to give her cash, probably tied to benefits, if you know what I mean.

Ask yourself, would you be happy if you were Barb?

If your answer is yes, then forget all about St Agnes of Rome.

The new idol of the church is St Barbara of Highgate Hill.

Most of all though, think about the broken glass around the door.

The broken glass that Billy says afforded him (illegal) entry to his missing ex-missus’s rented home.

I wonder if she changed the locks after Billy pissed off with Estelle?

I wonder if anyone ever asked?

Ha ha ha! It’s the Joke.