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Hey, hang on a minute!

What was it about the business of the mysterious GrainX operations in the hometown of the Queen of Queensland – Archie’s dream girl Laura Geitz – that necessitated the Southern Downs Regional Council to move into a closed meeting to discuss on 8 February, 2016?

Just 4 days before the Council moved into a similarly secretive meeting to kick the highly popular and much loved Jamie Mackenzie into touch – and into a far too early grave – and then leak the details of his demise to the Warwick Daily News, even though no one is admitting it and not a single soul will answer a solitary question about their role in the scandal that they have tried their damnedest to bury?

Some hope.

They didn’t count on Archie Butterfly buzzing in to spoil their party did they? And their threats of defamation, and their bombastic abuse, and their ducking for cover are nothing more than water off a Butterfly’s back.

I told you I was not going to let Jamie’s death pass without question, and his legacy of keeping you bastards honest be forgotten and left un-mourned, didn’t I d*ckheads?

Well the Council elections, and your day of reckoning, is fast approaching, and I haven’t a single conflict of interest in the conspiracy that I am soon to reveal. Not a single piece of land, not a solitary share, not a red cent do I have invested in your singularly corrupt affairs, and your cravenly but poorly concealed undisclosed conflicts of interest.

Here’s a free piece of advice boys and girls from the Sheriff of Not-On-Your-Life-Man.

Take the money and run.


For old Archie may float like a butterfly, but ouch! I sting like a f*cking bee.

Just in case you mistakenly think that I may be bluffing though, ask yourself this.

Who the hell has been doing all the company and financial dealings searches about the dealings of the former Government official turned Brands Man Christopher ‘Robbing’ Hood from downtown Brisvegas?

And why?

And what the hell is really in them silo’s owned by GrainX out at Allora anyway?

See those container trucks rolling out of town sportsfans?

Follow them. Trust me. Don’t let ’em out of your sight.