Pell the Ped claims he was totally misled about the criminal cleric Peter Searson and his crimes against kids. He didn’t have a f*cking clue about the priests pedo activities he claims, with a straight face.

In 1986 though the Archbishop of Melbourne wrote to Searson telling him that he was a grub who had no place whatsoever in the Catholic Church, and should be kicked to touch as quickly and as hard as possible.

The CEO of the Catholic Education Office also told Searson he was a c^nt, and says that he told Pell too.

But Pell reckons neither of them ever told him a single thing.

‘It is a world of crime and concealment’says Pell.

I reckon he’s talking about himself.

But he claims to be the pristine broom that came along to sweep away all the dirt and grime and crime and concealment.

He was the good guy.

This bloke is an absolute f*cking nutter, and a deluded liar to boot.

The Pope’s going to cut him loose, he has no other choice surely.

Bye bye diplomatic passport, hello prison cell Mr Georgie Pell.