Back to 6 Dorchester Street, Highgate Hill on the 18th of January 1974. Or at least back the totally uncorroborated and uninvestigated events that Billy McCulkin says occurred at that address on that date 42 years ago

Billy’s smashed the door, and now he’s inside. He says everything is in order inside the house. There is no blood, no sign of a struggle, no upturned furniture of pulled out drawers. All is as it usually would be.

But the career criminal suspects foul play, and in what follows he tells DS Basil Hicks the reasons why.

I have added my commentary to Billy’s, just to get you thinking, and perhaps to make you understand why DS Hicks ‘intelligence report’ the greatest load of crap written this side of the Whiskey Au Go Go Verbals, and perhaps to encourage you to start thinking why .

Bill Tells Bazza

Billy’s ex-missus’s change purse is on the fridge and it has 8 bucks in it.

Archie: Change purse? Isn’t that where you keep your coins? What about her real purse? The one with the notes, and the cards, and the driver’s license, and the picture of the kids, and all that other stuff in it?

Bazza and Billy:

None of Barb’s clothes or personal effects are missing except for the dress that he saw her wearing on the bus.

Archie Says:

Now given that he was on the footpath, and she was sitting in a bus seat – whether in the Valley or in Queen Street or in Disneyland or wherever -how the f*ck could Billy possibly know what dress his ex-missus was wearing?

And how many husbands know every item of clothing their missus, current or former owns? You’d have to be a goddamn sicko stalker control freak wouldn’t you? Or some type of panties-sniffing weirdo.

And personal effects? How the f*ck would Billy, or any other hubby, know what was there, what was missing, and what wasn’t. And why the hell would he care?This is Billy, who appears to have spent most of his nights getting juiced up in one pub or another around old Vegas town.

Would he really have known what was in his ex’s pantie drawer, and her jewelry box?

Simple answer.

No. He wouldn’t.

The c*nt is lying through his teeth.

Bazza and Billy:

None of the beds had been slept in.

Archie Says:

My two daughters make their bed every morning, and have done since they turned four. What is the significance of this in the absence of evidence that made beds are something unusual in the McCulkin home?

Billy Tells Bazza:

The cats were locked in the house and if Billy hadn’t broken in they could never have escaped.

Archie says:

Oh yeah? What about the cat flap on the door?

(Billy fixes this slight problem later in his 5 February 1974 police statement by claiming that the cats were locked in the bathroom)\

Billy Tells Bazza:

A dress Barb was making was still in the sewing machine.

Archie says:

So Barb was making this dress while Vince and Shorty were supposedly at her joint that night were they?

Geez she’s a f*cking terrible f*cking host isn’t she?

Billy Tells Bazza:

None of Barb’s makeup or lippy have been taken from the house

Archie says:

Maybe she put her pancake powder on before she went out.

Or maybe the bloke who broke her glass and busted the front door didn’t give her time to put it on.

Billy Tells Bazza:

A cheque that Barb had been waiting for worth $200 odd bucks was still in the letter box.

Archie says:

Strange that. I’ll tell you why a bit later.

Billy Tells Bazza:

There was no newspaper dated 17 January in the house that he saw when he broke in.

Archie says:

Where did he look? There’s no mention of the bin. Did Barb stack her old papers up to the roof, just in case she needed to burn the joint down in a hurry? Or did she do what the Indians do and throw the paper out after she’d read it?

And by the way, what about a paper dated the 18th of January? After all, it’s 6pm on that day when Billy illegally gains entry to his former home.

Doesn’t fit the narrative though does it?


Billy Tells Bazza:

The kids silver coins were still in their money boxes in their room. It hadn’t been taken by them.

Archie says:

Unless they were going to the bank, why would it be?

Billy Tells Bazza:

The Gayton kids came over and called out at 9.30am on the morning of 17 January and they did not receive any reply.

Archie says:

Well if you believe what you are told the McCulkin kids were up until after 10.30pm the night before, and the younger girl was supposedly sick. And Barb herself wasn’t well.

Could they actually have been asleep? Or were they at the doctors? Or maybe they’d simply gone out shopping, or for a walk, or a swim. After all, it was the school holidays.

And why didn’t anyone ask the kids if the glass on the door was broken when they popped in on the morning of the 17th.

Here’s an even better question.

Why didn’t any copper interview the kids parents?

Does anyone have a rational answer?

Because I don’t.