Old Jughead, the worst Prime Minister in living memory, usually has somewhat of a proclivity for launching defamation proceedings.

Why who could forget the infamous, and superbly named, Abbott and Costello v the Random Pub proceedings, in which the most gutless Australian since Lay Down Sally Robbins  –  the sauntering spineless smirk, the man who wanted to be PM but didn’t have the ticker to take Little Johnny on, the one and only cowardly Peter Costello – and Jughead took umbrage at the Random Pub publishing 2 Bob Job Ellis’s assertion that Jug plugged the Gutless’s girl back in the days when he was a footy star and Costello was simply a young c*unt rather than an old one.

Given the cash he splashed on defending his reputation and a mate’s missus’ honor, you’d bet your house that he would go to town on the Penguins, the publishers of the claims that he was bonking Big Peta wouldn’t you? There’d be defamation suits for Africa, flying left, right and every direction in between you’d reckon.


But is there? Has he? Will he?


Which tells you just one simple thing doesn’t it sportsfans?

It wasn’t just rib fillet that Big Peta was feeding old Jughead  Abbott the Rabbit.

There were pork chops on the menu too.

And don’t you worry about that.