Billy McCulkin tells ‘Honest’ Basil Hicks that the 2 men named ‘Vince’ and ‘Shorty’ that 13-year-old Janet Gayton says that 13-year-old Vicki McCulkin told her has gone inside her home at 6 Dorchester Street, HIghgate Hill to see her mum are without a shadow of a doubt two blackguards named Vincent O’Dempsey – who DS Baz records as holding docket number 159/57 – and Garry Reginald Dubois, recorded as docket number 15393/62.

Now think about these couple of things.

Billy has told, or is to tell, DS Baz that Dubois has come to his home just two times, both times in the company of his mate O’Dempsey, and that he doesn’t know him all that well.

So how the f*ck would he know his middle name?

Do you know your mates?

With a couple of rare exceptions, and then being childhood friends, I wouldn’t have a clue.

But Billy does. The dogman’s a genius.

Secondly, why has DSBaz recorded their docket numbers?

For the honest and/or the uneducated, a docket number is the title at the top of a bloke’s rap sheet, and records the first ever date that the punter came to the formal attention of Queensland’s finest boys in blue.

The first digits befor the ‘/’ are the sequence in which the chap came to notice at Police HQ. For example, if Archie Butterfly is the first bloke pinched spewing in the gutter after they sing Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve 2015/16 then I become 1/16 on the docket.

If I am the third bloke pinched, but the first 2 already have form I remain 1/16; however if I am the 700th bloke collared and only 250 of the others nabbed have form, I become docket number 450/16.

This means therefore that Vince O’Dempsey was the 159th cleanskin who was tapped on the shoulder and grabbed by the collar by a copper in the year 1957, which is plausible given that he was a 19-old-old up to mischief at the time.

But it is totally and absolutely unbelievable that Garry Dubois was the 15 393’rd bloke arrested in 1962, particularly given the fact that less than that number of individuals were actually arrested in that year, let alone first offenders, and that Dubos was in that year just 15 years old, and juvenile criminal records were not by law allowed to be recorded in adult police files.

Add to that the fact that O’Dempsey – who served time at Westbrook kids prison as a teenager – was recorded by his adult docket. So why wasn’t Dubois?

And then of course the question begs, why were their dockets recorded at all, given that there are a million people in the world named Vince and/or Shorty, and it was only the career criminal and prime suspect McCulkin saying that their surnames were O’Dempsey – rather than Price, Lingiari, De Paul, Van Gogh, Vega or Colosmi – and Dubois instead of Lungkarta, O’Day, Jamieson, Snowden, Ranger or Guzman?

Draw your own conclusions sportsfans.

If you are struggling, maybe the videos above and below might give you a clue.