Next Billy tells DS Baz that he had been to see Dubois and O’Dempsey the day before, and asked them where they were on the evening of the 16th of January 1974, but he doesn’t of course tell him how, where, why or how often,or at least not the way DS Baz records it anyway, and in the same vein it seems the sensational sleuth doesn’t see fit to ask the simple question of his snitch.

Nor does DS Baz ask Billy the elementary question.

Which is ‘why did you ask the pair where they were on the 16th of January, and not where they were on the 17th, given that you didn’t discover your ex and the tin lids missing until 6pm on the 18th?’

They were dumb c*nts the crooked cops back in those days weren’t they?

Police Commissioner ‘Honest’ Ray Whitrod – the most stupid cop at the top in history in my view – reckons that nine out of ten of the boys in blue hadn’t had an education pasing year 10 at high school. And given this blatantly stupid attempt at a jack up by Hicks I totally believe him.

Billy tells the Inspector-to-be that he has no doubt that Vince and Shorty were at his house and is certain they would know all about the disappearance of his wife and kids, who have been missing for all of 45 hours at this stage, and for all he knows – or purports to know – could well be swimming at the beach at Surfers Paradise.

Then Billy drops what should have been a bombshell  – but apparently wasn’t, for DA Baz appears not to blink – and tells the copper that O’Dempsey, with whom he has undertaken a number of criminal enterprises and knows somewhat well, is a vicious criminal who ha committed at least 2 murders.

Hold the phone!

DS Baz has to be about to ask him why, and forcefully demand that Billy tell him all about these 2 hitherto unheard of killings!

But does he?

What do you reckon?

Queensland – dodgy one day, totally corrupt the next.

We can’t even change the lyrics from ‘the city we love’ to the ‘State’ (listen to the 1st line of the video above).

Why bother though? We’ve got the game stitched up.

What’s the point?

Exactly sportsfans.