Next up Billy tells the so-called honest copper that he has known Vince O’Dempsey for ages, and that the man he has just described as a vicious murderer has been a welcome guest in his home for years,and is trusted by his wife, although the newly declared murderous criminal associate has never, absolutely never – as he is at pains to point out to DS Baz – been to his home without Billy being present. at least as far as our gut-spilling hero is aware, and despite the fact that Vince stayed at his home for months after his release from prison.

I guess Billy never went out to get a bottle of mil while the ex-con was asleep in the spare bedroom in the small inner-city cottage hey?

DOn’t worry too much about the vicious, violent Vincent though, for Billy now tells DS BAz that Dubois – who he describes as a ‘sexo’, a perv who is always talking about rooting young under-agers – has also been to his home twice, although once again not when he wasn’t there, or at least as far as Billy knows.

After all, we all take raging Pedo’s home to meet the kids don’t we?

Puh-lease Billy.

And what the f*ck are you thinking DS Baz?

Just when you think though that the bullsh*t tale that Billy is telling and that DS Bazza is copping couldn’t possibly get worse, it does.

The fizz-gig tells his copper paymaster that he is certain that O’Dempsey and Dubois went to his house to rape and murder his wife and kids.

This is his mate who loved at his home with his wife and kids for months – and was never accused of laying a finger on any of them, which is not surprising given that at the time O’Dempsey was rooting the cream of Brisbane’s young whores, and had never been known then or know to have an interest in young sheilas under 21 – and the bloke who twice went to his home without showing the slightest interest in touching up his pre-pubescent daughters.

So why does Billy reckon that the pair have suddenly turned into pedophile pirhanas?

That we will never know, for DS Baz merely accepts it at gospel.

No questions, no proof, not even heresay evidence from a stranger.

Billy just reckons that it’s true, and DS Baz says ‘Yes Billy Boy, you’re spot on the money’.

Am I the only one who is beginning to suspect that the fix may have been well and truly in, and that a certain pair of known criminals were without their knowledge suddenly being painted into the frame of a picture that would come to haunt them for the rest of their days, one so terrifying that not even Picasso could have dreamed it up?

Two perhaps bad, but in this present case innocent men, caught in a living hell.