Well, well, well.

Honest Rob Pyne’s resigned from the ALP and moved to the cross-benches, where as an independent he will sit alongside and vote with another former Labor MP turned independent, his mate Billy Gordon.

And from their pair of them will team up with the Katter Party boys and the 4 of them will control the Queensland Parliament, and decide the fate of every single piece of legislation that is tabled in the House of Broken Dreams over the next 2 years.

Assetstacia won’t dare risk an election, particularly given the shambolic state of her caucus and the threat that Pyne will dump all over a couple of Labor MP’s with major skeletons skulking in their cupboards, the Sandgate MP from Stafford and Minister for Highly Dubious Commonwealth Games Contract Awards – our old mate Stirlo Hinchcliffe – chief among them, and thus leave her ALP government facing the very real prospect of tasting the ignominy of being booted out of office less than 12 months after a combination of fluke and Campbell Newman’s hubris elevated them to power.

So put plainly, Rob Pyne and friends have Labor over an absolute barrel, and it’s happy days for ethanol lovers and North Queensland residents as the riches soon will start to gush like geysers straight their way.

Believers in robust, open and accountable government like myself are doing cartwheels too, for they don’t call Honest Rob Honest Rob for nothing, and he is gong to bust corruption, cartel and the crooked carry-ons of lobbyists wide, wide open.

Happy days indeed, except of course if you are an arrogant and/or imbecilic member of the ALP Leadership inner-circle who neglected to heed the long and oft trumpeted warnings that we have been giving these incompetent lightweights and hacks for the 6 weeks that have passed since Australia Day.

We don’t make these things up you know – we get around and about and talk to and know plenty of people, and because unlike many current MP’s we can actually be trusted, these people tell us things, and we then tell you, just like we have 4 times in 42 days in the articles reprinted below.

In fact we are feeling tad like Nostradamus just right now, or would be anyway if we didn’t know that there’s a whole lot more to investigative research and reporting than simply trundling out a spin doctor’s press release and giving it a few tweak and a bit of polish. It’s a salient lesson that a whole bunch of so called in-the-know ‘gun’ reporters from the mainstream rags might want to learn if they don’t want to get scooped and made to look like amateurs all over again by Archibald J. Butterfly, and then have it rubbed in their faces as I so much like to do.

Call me cruel if you will, others do. I however simply describe it as a case of to the victors, the spoils, and I’m sure it’s a phrase that the Awesome Foursome of Queensland politics at this very moment know and understand all too well.

The House of Broken Dreams is about to be upturned sportsfans, and if you thought that Jesus caused a sensation by throwing the money lenders out of the temple, well let me tell ya right know, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.

Don’t you worry about that.

I just wonder how the poor old mike-wrestling Beefcake’s feeling tonight? Poor bugger, after all we all cock up early on in our apprenticeships, yet most of us never have to bear the pain of flipping a government as a consequence of our youthful mistakes born of inexperience and exuberance, do we punters?

Sometimes life just ain’t god-De-damn fair.