I am politically motivated to become an ALP candidate through the basic essential needs of people, that being a reliable and steady employment, a reasonable cost of living that appropriately matches incomes, family structures, safety and security in our neighbourhoods, access to health services and adequate rest and enjoyment.

The pivotal part of any economy and any household is the job…… it needs to be fair days work for fair days pay, it needs to be secure and regular, have reasonable projection and security of hours, balanced incomes from pay cycle to pay cycle and allow you to live without fear of redundancy, dismissal or lost hours. Without the knowledge of a secure employment the economy drags to a halt….

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Work shall set you free.

It’s the slogan that Hitler’s men placed at the entrances to the concentration camps during the Thousand Year Reich that lasted less than 20 years.

Ironically – or not – the world’s most chilling slogan is composed of just three words, at least in the Germanic translation, so it is no surprise that it has been readily adopted by a failed small businessman turned paramedic turned MP who knows which side his bread is buttered on, and is prepared to lick it until it turns stale, which is just about now, or in a second or 2 at least.


I speak here of Craig ‘Cindy’ Crawford, the semi-literate loudmouth pictured at top with a Kevin Rudd supporter named Chris Bowen, two other blokes who used to be his mates but who Craig now disowns – we’d flog you in Geebung for such a sin – and an unnamed woman who is nameless simply because she is not a bloke.

Happy International Birds Day.

And Solidarity Forever.

Yeah good.

Cindy reckons that Rob Pyne – the equal most honest man in the House of Broken Dreams alongside Speaker Peter Wellington – is both a ‘megalomaniac’ and a ‘traitor’.

Archie reckons the near-bankrupt former small businessman couldn’t spell either word if his arse was on fire and only the dictionary in his his hand could save him from instant immolation, and suspects that the useless Labor spin doctors may well be writing the virgin MP’s script.

And that Crawford the self-anointed workers friend with the terrible grasp on the English language should pull his middle digit out of his rectum (that’s your arse Cindy) and have a good, hard think about whether property developers and lobbyists contribute anything whatsoever of worth to society and/or the economy prior to sticking the knife into a bloke who has mentored him and been his friend.

It’s un-Australian to turn on your mates Cindy, and such dog-like behavior is particularly frowned upon up here in the land of the Mighty Maroon Monsters. So if you insist on carrying on in the manner that you have been for the past 24 hours, then you can go and f*ck right off back to the great southern land of AFL from which you emerged.

Kevvie’s decided he wants to help you with the fare. He reckons he wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with a bloke who turns on his mates, and consequently has dealt out the cruelest punishment that in the 21st century a man can deal.

Cindy my girl, because Kevvie’s on an RDO it is my own melancholy duty to inform you that henceforth and forever more you are banned absolutely from the Bunger, and may never enter the hallowed halls of our RSL again.

It is a punishment that you most justly deserve.

Kevvie sure is one wise f*cking Samurai, and so say all of us.