Well, well, well sportsfans.

It looks like old Howie – Howard Stack, the 60 something establishment figure who calls 50 year old ex-Brisbane Grammar sex abuse victims ‘boys’ – might have to rethink his strategy of re-victimising the victims of abuse at the school by denying them the ability to sue based on the extinguishment of their rights due to the statute of limitations imposed by the Limitations of Actions Act (QLD) 1974.

Howie is on the record as saying that as Chair or the Brisbane Grammar School Board of Trustees it is his, and the board’s, intention to tell the victims to go suck a lemon if they haven’t lodged a claim by the age of 21 – which not a single victim has – because the school has the legal protection of the statute of limitations behind which to hide.

That’s what he thought anyway.

Ever heard of the tale about not counting your chickens before they’re hatched?

Put away your abacus Howie, and take a closer look at the law upon which your board’s craven, callous and cowardly legal position relies. But take a seat before you do old boy, because what you are about to read just may cause you a few heart flutters. Umfortune that, hey wot, old sport?

But you of course know exactly what I mean, don’t you Sunshine? After all, you’re a lawyer, which makes you smarter than all of us. Or at least that’s what you think anyway.

Guess what?

You’re f*cked, because when a new fact of a decisive character emerges that was not, and could not have been, within the knowledge of the child abuse victim, the clock starts ticking again. And it doesn’t matter how much time has elapsed since when the kid was raped and the school ignored it, for when a teacher steps up and says ‘Um, sorry to tell you this, but the honchos at Grammar did actually know that Skippy molested kids, and we all covered it up’ then somethin happens doesn’t it Howie?

Yes brother, the clock starts ticking again.

And the Statute of Limitations defence flies straight out the window.

Your board are c*nts Howie, and now you’re all about to be proved  dumb c*nts.

Remember this Boy. He who laughs last laughs longest Mr Stack.

So ha, ha, f*cking ha.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!