It was more than 4 months ago that I started describing the ALP’s asset-sale loving publican’s son and Lord Mayoral candidate Rod Harding as ‘Hot Rod’. The proof’s in the picture above, and in the multitude of stories I’ve written about the hollow man I’ve called the faux Labor faker by the nickname at least a dozen times since.

Now I can’t take personal credit for the Hot Rod moniker, because it it was my original intention to label him ‘Rocket’, however a good mate of mine who loved toy car sets in his youth argued the toss and insisted that ‘Hot Rod’ was the way to go. For reasons I can’t quite explain I deferred to my mate’s better judgement – which was problematic because he usually doesn’t have any – and thus Hot Rod Harding was born.

For months I was the only bugger using the title, and on many occasions over a pink lemonade I berated my mate for sending me down the garden path, but although my friend’s not born and bred in Geebung, he did have the good sense to move there when he left home for the first time, and spent quite a bit of time in deep discussions with Kevvie back in the 90’s, and as a result learnt a thing or three about the power of sticking to your guns and staying solid. So he insisted that I keep the faith, and that all would be revealed.

And bugger me dead, the bast*rd was right, for guess what popped up on the front page of the Courier-Mail just this bloody morning?


Funny that isn’t it?

I’m sure Matthew Killoran of the C-Mail thought it up all by himself, just as the journos from the paper discovered that Rob Pyne’s taken them for idiots all by themselves, and that the giraffes on Mars are 27 meters tall, and that Jerry Hall married Rupert for his looks, and that purple-spotted pigs fly over Pinkenba near the pub at dawn each day.

If only the theft of my intellectual property wasn’t so damn funny I’d probably be annoyed. Instead though I’m flattered, and it’s good to know that the people who are supposed to be in the know are reading and learning from your favorite website.

First time, every time – that’s what you get when you read

Now, speaking of Hot, have I told you about how Labor have jacked the electoral funding disclosure returns to hide their links with Hot Rod’s privateer long-term employer Macquarie Bank?

Don’t worry, I will ………..