Down the alley past the fire escape a woman is talking on the telephone
Kitchen light spills out, laughter riding on its beam
In the maze of moebius streets we’re trying to amuse ourselves to death
Under the deep sky that’s squatting so close over us tonight

You’d think it was trying to hatch us
The numb and confused
The battered and bruised
The counters of cost
And the star-crossed

You pay your money and you take your chance


Growing up in Geebung we were taught 4 things on our grandfather’s knee.

The first was never bet odds on, never run up stairs.

The second was always stick by your family and your mates, no matter what the cost or consequences, come hell or high water. And if you have to cop it for doing the right thing, then cop it on the chin, and make sure you obey the 3rd commandment.

The third commandment being of course that loose lips sink ships, and that Bunger boys don’t drown.

The fourth and last sage word of advice from Grandpa was that in this big bad man’s world, if you pay your money then you take your chance.

Sometimes when you ignore the wise dictum of your forebears the roulette wheel of life just doesn’t roll your way.

As a wise man who knew and lived by all four rules once said, Such if Life.

Such is death too.

You pay your money, you take your chance.

That’s all I have to say.