McDonalds has been caught out charging customers in some of New Zealand’s most deprived communities more for their burgers and chips.

Customers in Porirua – which was the home of New Zealand’s first golden arches – are paying more for a cheeseburger combo than other stores. The extra cost is across the menu board – patrons in Porirua are charged 90 cents more for a Serious Angus burger when compared to the McDonalds in Grey Lynn, Auckland – one of the country’s wealthiest suburbs.

The regional variation is no surprise to Canterbury University’s associate professor of arketing, Ekant Veer – who says it’s common knowledge that fast ­food chains attract a high number of low ­income earners .

“When you’re a low-income earner working 60 hours a week, the McDonald’s drive-­through can seem like a relatively cheap and easy option,” he said.”McDonald’s franchise owners would know that, and could be charging extra in areas they know are more popular.”

McDonald’s Facebook page has a regular stream of complaints from customers about price variations in McDonald’s stores across New Zealand.

McDonald’s response is that the menu mismatch is down to the individual franchise owners.

McDonald’s communication manager Kim Bartlett said about 80 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants were franchised. Although the fast food chain set recommended pricing, individual owners set their own.

“Each restaurant has it s own unique costs, services offered and trading patterns so pricing can differ between these,” she said.

Funny though how it’s the poor not the rich who get slugged the higher prices. I’m sure though that it is just a coincidence Bro.

Wanna upsize that mini-meal cuz? You’d be mad if you didn’t.