Penny Wong’s same-sex marriage stance July 2010


Penny Wong’s same-sex marriage stance March 2016.

Isn’t is amazing what a difference a surging Green vote makes?

How incredible it is that the Julia Gillard ‘lapdog’ (Wong’s expression, not mine) – who in 2010 refused to support two Green Party bills for Marriage Equality, one put by Adam Bandt, the other by Sarah Hanson-Young –  has the audacity to accuse current Greens leader Richard Di Natale of lacking courage on the Marriage Equality issue.

Of all the politicians in the House of Broken Dreams there are few more courageous than Di Natale, who has demonstrated his chutzpah in recent weeks by breaking the Greens traditional little sibling relationship with Labor and both asserting, and demonstrating, that his party is prepared to stand on its own two feet and vote with the Coalition as and when it sees fit.

This seismic shift in the Greens strategy has blown the game wide open, with Labor no longer able to take their vote for granted, and aren’t they blowing up big time about it, and isn’t it goddamn hilarious coming from the mob who have voted with the Coalition on almost 4 times as many occasions as the Greens, and have supported such repressive legislation as the anti-freedom media laws, the barbaric policies on border protection, and the gagging of employee who witness atrocities on Nauru or Manus Island.

‘All the Greens want to do is shift votes from the Labor Party to the Greens!’ thundered Penocrisy Wong in parliament last week.

What the hell do these Green bast*ards think they are?

A political party or something?