We hereby testify and declare that we have this day been present when the extreme penalty of the Law was carried into execution of the body of Edward Kelly convicted at the Central Criminal Court held at Melbourne of the twenty ninth day of October and sentenced to death by the neck that the said Edward Kelly was in pursuance of the said sentence hanged by the neck until his body was dead.Dated this eleventh day of November A. D. 1880 at the Gaol of Melbourne

Name Address
Robt. Rede Sheriff
J.B. Castieau Governor of Gaol
Louis. Ellis Deputy Sheriff
Fredk A. Winch Supt of Police
Edwd. Barker MD F R C S Eng
Henry. Glenny Justice of the Peace
Mr. Biowup Reporter Daily Telegraph
J. Middleton. Reporter Herald
E.C. Martin. of Age Staff
Grant. Oakley Anglo Australian Press
James. Williams Age
D. Nelom Argus
J. Higham. Hills. M.D. Fitzroy Melbourne
John Leach Sydney Morning Herald
J. N. Quin Chief Warder
Alexr. Nixon. Senior Warder
Hugh. Munro Warder
W. Flanagan Warder
R. S. Miller. Warder
James. B. Russell. Warder
R W V McCall. Clerk Melb Gaol

The sixth commandment of Geebung.

Never trust a copper, a judge, a screw, a JP or a journo.

Unless of course the journo’s name is Butterfly.

You died game Ned, I’ve told ’em mate, don’t you worry about that.

such is life