Well Caring Kerryn may have saved the Whites Hill Oval – where of course she worked, a fact that she forgot to mention to the punters – but she couldn’t save herself from being sent to the ward waste water tank after being given the treatment by the Smurf, the PYT sitting Doboy Councillor Ryan Murphy, who smashed her up on Saturday in the local elections with a little held from the enemies of his enemy, even if he didn’t know it because Geebung boys don’t talk to Tory’s unless they are shouting them drinks.

It will be interesting to learn which polling booth her bigoted prick of a husband the Bovver Boy worked on, for his ghastly mug would frighten little children, and when the booth by booth count comes in I’ll bet ya London to a Brick that the scared small kids parents were spooked into voting Smurf, and that old Bovver’s booth recorded one of the lowest Labor counts going.


‘Hey! Didn’t there used to be a bunch of Labor votes right there?’. The Bovver Boy simultaneously displays his sartorial splendor, his political nous, his personal judgement, his weight problems, his far from good looks and his work ethic, all in one single frame.

I may be wrong though, because the Bovver Boy’s always had trouble keeping his nose to the grindstone for a full day, so it’s almost a certainty that he skived off for a large part of the day, thus allowing someone a little more pleasant on the eye – Frankenstein for example – to pull a few Loose votes for Labor.

At the end of the day (about 11am Bovver Boy time) it matters not a jot, for Caring Kerryn’s not a Councillor and her beau will just have to bludge on as a wage slave for a few more years rather than bludge off her hoped for six figure-salary and a shiny-arsed nepotistic career as a Ward Officer.

Guess it’s true what they say – what goes around, comes around sunshine. Never pick a fight with a better player than yourself, and most particularly never pick on the better player’s missus and kids, cos there’s only one place that your career and the political ambitions are going to end up boy.

See dat dere thang dat da Smurf’s standing ova homie?