What a goddamn cluster f*ck.

People are dying and being maimed all over Brussels right now. People have been dying and being maimed in Syria for months, years even.

Each and every victim in both countries is a human being, just like you and me, and the atrocities are simply an abhorrent horror that are not the ‘Attack against Democratic Europe’ that the Swedish PM is currently proclaiming, but rather a deadly demonstration of the truism that violence only begets violence, and that rolling stones never gather any peaceful moss.

Cluster bombs, Belgian bombs, air bombs, French bombs, parcel bombs, ISIL bombs, timer detonated bombs, Kurdish bombs, suicide bombs – they are all just f*cking bombs aren’t they? Whether they are dropped or delivered from the safety of a thousand feet high by national air forces funded by billions of dollars or by impoverished peasants at ground level who blow themselves up as human sacrifices in the process, the result is exactly the same, isn’t it?

Innocent people die.

And rich men get richer as the oil just keeps on being sucked from the ground in sovereign nations that aren’t their own.

You’ll hear a whole lot of hysteria over the coming days about the horror presently unfolding in Belgium. Fingers will be pointed in every direction except where it belongs, and blame will be apportioned to everyone except the truly guilty.

As the true awfulness of what is happening tonight dawns, and your heart begins to break and your soul to sink, ask yourself this one simple question.


Why oh why do innocent people die?

The answer is not the one you are undoubtedly soon to be told.

The horror, the goddamn f*cking horror.