Um, have I gone mad – well I already am, but have I gone madder? – or has Hot Rod Harding taken the people of Brisbane, the Labor Party faithful and and Magnificent Men and Women of the Mainstream Media for yet another ride on his magic carpet?

Is Hot Rod talking about the overall primary vote in the Council election?

Surely not, for the overall primary vote figures from the 2012 election (top) and the 2016 election (bottom) are republished below, and unless I am myopic and mashed on magic mushrooms the maths lessons bashed into me by Mr Bamford at the the Bunger Primary School hold true, and tell me that the the overall addition to the ALP primary vote achieved by everyone’s favorite Macquarie Banker was just 0.32%.


Double digits?

In the fractions I suppose, but the fool lost 2 long held safe seats in the process of achieving such monumental gains, and won a single extra none.

Hot Rod must have been talking about the Mayoral primary vote I’m sure, because let’s be honest it was always about him anyway, wasn’t it?

But still the numbers don’t add up, at least not according to the beads on the Bunger abacus anyway, because 61.94 minus 53.67 equals 8.27 by my reckoning, and numbers less than ten don’t qualify for double-digit status, not unless the two fingers are stuck directly up your arse and hidden from sight.



But hey, I’m just a mad bastard from Geebung, so what the f*ck would I know?

After all, it wasn’t me who saw the tsunami approaching the House of Broken Dream a month before the dream team did was it?

And it wasn’t me who picked Pearls as fraud merchants, or Hong Kong Tony as a shyster, or Fast Eddie as a crooked con-man and c*nt beyond compare.

Nup, I’m just an amateur after all.

Only the pros can lose the Gabba and Northgate.

Poor old Archie’s simply not up to the task.

And thank God for that.