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The properties below are those that the mandarins of knowmore have elected to splash the millions intended to assist child abuse victims on instead of renting humble digs and spending the money where it is most needed – on helping damaged and often ill victims to access legal services to guide them through the labyrinth and finally achieve some modicum of justice for the evils perpetrated against them as innocent children.

Evils that have sent down the paths of self-hatred and abuse, into the spiral of drug and alcohol and gambling addictions. Horrors that cause people like me not to sleep at night, and have cost many of us our families, our wives, the joy of properly engaging with our children, and in a number of cases our lives.

I know of child sex abuse victims who right now, as the untouched world sleeps, are huddled in parks and streets and alleyways, trying to stay safe and to keep warm.

I know of many victims lying this morning in dirty sheets in bedraggled, run down boarding houses, moaning in the daily alcoholic torpor that keeps the demons ever so slightly at bay.

I know of even more tossing and turning in the torture they call sleep, dreaming of the loves they have lost by pushing them away in pain; of their fractured families who cannot understand their torment because it hurts too much to tell how it really feels; of the children they yearn to reach out and touch and hold but can’t, because the devils that reached out and touched and held them have ravaged their minds and their hearts and their souls.

They lie those that tell us, for reasons of their own

That the pain of abuse is a mere stranger

And that victim’s misery can ever be known.

For where the hurt-filled damaged hearts

And five million dollars meet

There is only desolation, ignorance and deceit

Below are the offices of knowmore.

The organisation funded to help floating ghosts of human beings like me has spent almost half a million dollars – or 10% of the funding that the people of Australia have given them to help heal us – to lease these edifices to waste and decay.

Not a sex abused soul has ever stepped inside them.

Many sleep on the street outside.