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The National Association of Community Legal Centers (NACLC) annual accounts in 2013 (above) – before the $5 Million Child Abuse Royal Commission funding started to flow – and the NACLC’s most recent accounts (below), after- and in anticipation of – the stream of the rivers of gold that were intended to help abused kids, but somehow got lost along the way.


Well you can see the accounts.

Let’s then ask some pertinent questions, and as a child sex abuse victim who cannot seem to access legal assistance, no matter how hard I try, I am entitled to goddamn ask them.

  1. Why, when knowmore’s funding has tripled during the past 2 years, have their employee expenses multiplied nearly five times?
  2. Given that the not-for-profit organisation spent nothing on travel in 2013 – or at best subsumed the costs into the conference budget, which was markedly less than it is today – are they now spending $655 266 a year on travel? For what?
  3. Is spending $1 in every $7.53 allocated to assist child abuse victims on travel expenses justifiable, moral and ethical? And how does this excessive continental jaunting help damaged souls like me who can’t afford or access legal representation to attempt to right the wrongs that have been perpetrated against us?
  4. What are knowmore’s travel policies? Who approves travel? Where do the frequent flyer points go? Who is it that is doing all the travelling?
  5. Why is an organisation that spent no money whatsoever on consultants two years ago suddenly spending almost 11% of the funding it has been given to help child sex abuse victims on consultancies? Half a million bloody bucks. WTF?
  6. Is the cash being splashed on pretty infographics and reports that do nothing to help victims but make the bosses at the publicly funded faux-legal service look and feel good? And who are these high-priced consultants anyway? And how did they win the tender for the job. What’s that Mum? There was no tender? Nah, surely not.
  7. Given that the organisation’s funding only lasts for another 2 years, what the hell are they depreciating, and why the hell are they buying rather than leasing whatever the asset may be, given the short-term nature of their funding?
  8. How on earth can an organisation with less than 50 staff members spend over 300 grand on recruitment in a single year? Something’s quite rotten there. Who is the recruitment firm, and who do they know? Worth having a close look at this one Mr Brandis, mark my words and don’t you worry about that.
  9. In 2014 knowmore employed 40 staff. In 2015 they employed 41, although they claimed to employ 49. Taking the figure at its highest, how on God’s earth did the wage bill jump more than a million and half for just 9 extra employees? Which fat cat is copping the cream?

All these questions and a whole lot more demand answers.

Child sexual abuse victims are sitting out in limbo, unrepresented and alone, while the troughers who are supposed to be supporting them are living high on the hog at the public’s expense.

It’s a disgrace, and heads must roll.

The sooner the bloody better too.