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I want to tell you a little story about an outfit called knowmore, a government-funded national legal service established as a program of the National Association of Legal Community Services in 2013 to provide free legal advice and assistance, information and referral services to people engaging, or considering engaging, with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Long tale short, this shambles is a rort.

A $5 million dollar a year government-funded hotbed of nepotism and cronyism that does 2/3rd’s of Sweet Fanny Adams to provide legal advice and assistance to child sexual abuse victims, but puts in a 110% effort to line the pockets of their law firm mates, while at the same time doing as little work themselves as possible other than queuing up at airport departure gates to fly around the country to attend totally unnecessary meetings and meaningless conferences.

Junkets is the word that most people call the. Taxpayer-funded junkets.

Things like flying a bunch of millionaire law firm partners and their associates  – plus every single staff member of knowmore –  from around Australia on an all-expenses paid trip to attend a two and a half hour information session as part of a 2-day ‘training event’ in Sydney.

The net result of this expensive exercise?

The lawyers set up a group email to share topical information.

I kid you not.


It is the clowns that run knowmore must be kidding.

The whole thing’s absurd, an absolute joke, and if child abuse victims knew how this mob were spending the millions of dollars that are supposed to be helping us navigate the minefield of the law and gain some semblance of justice for the damage and pain we have suffered in the decades since there would be chaos in the streets as we all flocked to tear this edifice to excess down.

In the following articles I am going to spell out and illustrate the reasons that I make such trenchant criticisms of the service established to help people like me, but before I do I would like to begin with a small personal anecdote to set the scene, for I believe that my own little tale is a microcosm of the massive scale of issues besetting the knowmore organisation, and illustrative of the massive – and in my opinion quite possibly fraudulent – misdirection of precious and vital public funds by an institution that is supposed to be on child sex abuse victim’s side, but instead is simply raping us all over again.

As the ancient Roman poet Juvenal famously asked:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

When our protectors betray us, then who will guard us from the guards?