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The fearless journalists of the News Limited – oops, sorry, Nationwide News, I forgot Rupert restructured to protect the assets after being caught in the UK breaking every law under the sun – stable have reported this morning that the Queensland Supreme Court has sentenced a  74 – year-old drug traficker named Robert Wing Fong Chan to 10 years in the Big House for importing 9kg of the precursor ingredient of Ice into the State.

It’s a shame that whichever journalist wrote the story either has a bad memory, or is too young to remember who Mr Chan actually is, because the one-time business partner of the much better know Tony Bellino has played a pivotal role in Queensland’s sordid history of crime and corruption, and in fact was a major player in the crooked dealings of the 1980’s that landed Police Commissioner Terry Lewis and a host of other bent characters in jail.

Over the years Chan has variously owned nightclubs, illegal casinos, strip clubs and brothels, and was one of the pioneers of the now well-established practice of bringing young Asian beauties in on student visas so that they could study the fine arts of sex, sucking and swallowing in Mr Chan’s bedroom filled, red-lighted establishments. He never got done for that one, but as someone who spent his teens on the mean streets and most of those afternoons punting in TAB’s frequented by fellows like the man known to his mates as Bobby, trust me it’s true.

Just to give the slack-arse journalists of the mainstream media a kick in the pant, and perhaps to give them a leg up on a fair dinkum story rather than a simple sit in the Supreme Court and scribe tale, and perhaps just to remind the sportsfans that Archie knows all, here’s a random selection of Bobby Chan’s past deeds.