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Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker, who picked up the role after Jarrod Bleijie was outed as the most unpopular imbecile in the LNP caucus, if not in the whole of Queensland, has written a shallow opinion piece in today’s Courier-Mail declaring – in shades of Hanrahan – that all of Queensland will be rooned unless Assetstacia reintroduces the patently unconstitutional VLAD laws.

‘If Annastacia Palaszczuk was serious about having “zero tolerance to organised crime” she would show some leadership, listen to the views of our leading crime-fighting agencies – and, indeed, the public – and keep the laws that are working.’

‘Queenslanders deserve a government that puts community safety and crime prevention ahead of politics; a government that protects the police so they can protect us’ Walker bombastically declares in the sensationalist finale to his pontificating puff piece about nothing.

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t damn near the hugest piece of hypocritical hyperbole an accomplice to child-sex abuse cover ups has ever written.

You see Mr Walker, a grown man with a weird thing for boy scouting, is a long-time member of one of the greatest organised crime syndicates Australia has ever known, a mafioso inside which national pedophile rings are organised and run, rapists are harbored and protected, and victims are paid shush money with confidentiality strings attached to shut their mouths about the perversions permitted and paraded within.

I speak of course about the Anglican Church, the crime syndicate that fomented cross-border child-trading for perverts pleasure under the guise of the Church of England Boys Society.

The outfit that allowed the abuses against boys such as myself to be perpetrated at the church-run St Paul’s School, covered them up, battered the victims in the courts, then promoted the ringleader Mr Gilbert Case – best mate of the lascivious lecher Kevin Lynch – to the position of head of Anglican Education after his misdemeanors began to come to public attention.

Yes indeed, this is the syndicate once headed by the child porn-protecting pirate Peter Hollingworth, the holier than though Hoffa who believed that blaming and bashing the boy victims was the solution to ending child sex abuse inside his hallowed halls. Or stopping people talking about it at least.

Ian Walker was there throughout, holding hands with the Guv’nor of ghetto gang-banging boys schools, his juristic jockey mate De Jersey, the dilettante with a sealed Fitzgerald file and a penchant for khaki uniforms who is known by the nickname of Daphnis in certain Socratic circles around town.


Both the Jockey and the Walker are about to find themselves in for a rude shock if the the hot gossip around town is right, because the beat of the jungle drums says that Anglican Church Grammar School – the top end of towns second favorite school Churchie – is about to get an RSVP not required invitation to an examination by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and both jurisprudence junkies have been very closely involved with that particular hotbed of hand jobs under the sheets for more than a year or three, and there have been plenty of child abusers employed at the school during that time, and don’t you worry about that Theo.

Me thinks that Mr Walker has a lot more to be worried about than bikies, and if ending organised crime is his passion, then perhaps he might want to start stamping it out a lot closer to home than in the House of Broken Dreams.

Be prepared son. That’s what they teach you in the Scouts isn’t it Sir?

Among other things of course.