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Poor old London Liz, she must have misplaced her abacus.

Perhaps she left it on the ferry between the Sydney Fashion Show and Luna Park, or maybe its gone to wonderland to visit the Mad Hatter.

What else could explain her falling for the Master Builders Association’s bullsh*t about the scrapping of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) costing the economy $3 880 000 000 a year in lost productivity?

Puh-lease Lizzie!

Did you come down in the last shower or something? Do you think we did too?

For starters, top secret data produced for ‘internal purposes’ – i.e. to use as toilet paper to wipe your arse with – ain’t worth the Sorbent it’s printed on if it can’t be scrutinised and examined by the mug punter, even if it somehow has been mysteriously ‘obtained’ by The Australian, which must be suffering from budget cuts inflicted by Rupert that have caused them to run out of dunny roll and forced them to pinch some from the MBA.

Any bastard can say anything if no one can check it, can’t they sportsfans? Try this one for size – it’s about as accurate as the Master Builders claims, I’ll guarantee it.


Research based on 2 year old data prepared by Archie Butterfly because he was bored, and obtained exclusively by the publishers of itsnotnormalisit.com because he slipped it to them, shows that 250 000 readers wasted ten minutes each reading a rehashed piece of press release drivel printed by London Lizzie on Saturday. Mr Butterfly estimated the cost in lost weekend golfing time as an astronomical $28 Gazillion smackeroonies, and predicted that the world was going to end unless Rupert reigned in his reporters and banned them from banging on with balderdash based on faked figures. 

‘We’ll all be rooned and rooted unless London Liz learns to check her facts and count to four’ Mr Butterfly warned. ‘Someone needs to tell the tyke that two plus two equals four before she frightens the horses and stones the crows, thus precipitating the collapse of civil society as we know it’.

Here’s the real story.

Lost working days haven’t increased at all since the ABCC was abolished.

They’ve dropped.


Fallen through the floor in fact, as a cursory check of the ABS data quoted incorrectly in London Liz’s article clearly shows.


See that big spike up above the 100 mark?

That’s the number at almost the exact moment that the ABCC was scrapped.

See that date December 2015, and the little squiggly line at about the number 20?

That’s where the lost working days number is really at.

There has been an 80% drop in the number of days lost to strike action.

Eighty bloody percent.

Them’s the facts sportsfans.

Just don’t expect to find them in The Australian any time soon.