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Well sportsfans as I’m sure you’ve read by now the veteran harness racing writer John ‘Lucky’ Lingard – if you think about rangas being called Blue, you’ll immediately get the Lucky – lobbed up a lollipop strength serve at me earlier today, and an hour or so ago I whacked it back at him at 3/4 pace.

I did so in the wild, but I imagined forlorn, hope that he might whack it up on his website and the starter Mr Shuck could dispatch the field and Dolly Fowler could scream ‘They’re racing in the 21st century Henry vs the Banjo Literary Stakes! And Let the Games begin’s in front with Fun Times Ahead at the rear but coming quickly!’

Well blow me down with a feather if old Lucky didn’t damn well take up the challenge, and now I’m sitting here grinning like the bloke who had the last 50 bucks between him on foreclosure on Dandy Andy at 200-1 the year Cyril slaughtered Vo Rogue in the Aussie Cup at headquarters.

I love a fella with big Tammany Halls who’s prepared to take on all comers – as long as his name’s not Dolly Fowler –  and the match race of 2016 has begun.

They’ve gone a furlong and Archie’s ducked a couple of length’s clear, but the hoop on Lucky’s yet to feel for the persuader, and there’s still 9 furlongs to run. Anything could happen yet sportsfans, so keep your eyes glued to the screen and don’t miss a hoofbeat.

I’m offering 13/8 Lingard if anyone’s silly enough to want to get on.

Giddy up!