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Thomas Kwok Ping-Kong – one of the world’s richest men, and an Evangelic religious fundamentalist to boot – has in the best traditions of Jimmy Swaggart been exposed as a hypocrite, a crook and a fool after being found guilty of bribing Hong Kong’s second highest government official and beingsent to the slammer for a 5 year stretch.

Hong Kong being Honkers, he probably won’t serve longer than 5 months, but it will be a bloody hard 150 days for a bloke rich enough to build a glass temple at the top of a skyscraper tower, and spend hundreds of millions constructing a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark under a bridge leading to the Honkers airport.

Whoever would have known that the specifications of Noah’s Ark existed? God must have passed them to Tommy Kwok in a scroll, just like he delivered Rupert Murdoch absolution in a papal knighthood.

But how on earth does a foreign convict serving a 5 year stretch for corruption hold a 6 year, $410 million contract for support services on Australian Defence Force bases? And what did his firm do to win it?

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It is raises huge questions about the Cairns and Gold Coast Casino bids, because the convicted crook is a close mate of ‘Hong Kong Tony’ Fung, the dodgy character who refuses to submit to probity checks, but still wants Queensland to gift him licences so that like his associate Stanley Ho he can become a casino consigliere.

When you come to understand the very real links between the Kwok’s and their childhood friends the Fungs – in particular the links between jailbird Tommy and Hong Kong Tony’s brother Tommy, who lives in Vancouver where the Kwoks have made a motza building skyscrapers – the picture starts to become a whole lot clearer.

But let’s set the Cairns and Sheraton Mirages aside for a moment and ask ourselves this question – why is it that a company owned by a jailed Hong Kong Crook is  running the Manus Island Detention centre?


And how the hell did they get the contract?

I suppose there is a certain advantage to having a jailbird run a jail. After all, nothing beats first hand experience.

But isn’t it all just a little strange?