pleeeeskoala that koalas

The Koala That Koalas

They’re jumping out of gum trees now trying to claim the Commonwealth Games mascot as their own, when the whole of Geebung knows that every single one of the bastards have pinched the concept from Archie’s fair dinkum Aussie legend The Koala That Koalas.

The clown who claims that his design on the left – that looks like a 1930’s Mickey Mouse – has been ripped off by the designer of the space age piece of wankery on the right is dead set kidding himself. They look nothing alike, other than that they are both absolutely and utterly bloody awful.


Since when does a Mighty Maroon wear blue?

Never! That’s when!

Gutless clowns like Gallen wear blue.

Usless, dog rooting roosters like Mitchell bloody Pearce wear blue.

Blokes that go to water under pressure and with their nerves shot can’t catch or tackle like Daniel Tupou wear blue.

For f*cks sake! Phil goddamn Gould wears blue!


Blue’s the enemy’s colour!

The sworn enemy!

Tony bloody Abbott wears blue!


WTF was that halfwit Stirlo Hinchliffe thinking when he gave this traitorous malformed mascot the tick and nod?

Property development.

That’s what Stirlo was thinking.

Athletics stadiums turned into sprawling six square foot sized suburban slums.

Training fields transformed into turgid townhouse tenements two-hundred stories high.

Athletes accommodation cut into apartment complexes that reach the sky.

Money, money, money.

That’s what Stirlo was thinking about.


F*ck the mascot you can almost hear him murmuring.

It’s all about the graft.

Borobi is the 21st century water fountain at the entrance to the city of Brisbane, a monument to everything that’s wrong with the recycled asset sellers accidentally in charge of the State of Queensland and simply itching to sell some more.


May these queer and corrupt shallow men and women parading as politicians who care about Queensland all drown in the deep, deep wells of their depraved wanton lust for dirty dollars and their gargantuan greed.

There is no place for cockroaches in this Pineapple land of hopes and dreams.