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The young birds at the Bunger celebrate yet another Archie scoop of the Mainstream Media

You’ll be waking up this morning and reading the news about a scandal involving Wilson Security, the mob that run the Nauru and Manus Island detention centers.

Yep sportsfans, all day long the Mainstream Media (MSM) are gunna be telling you about how after a rigorous 12 month investigation an ‘International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ has uncovered the secret that Wilson Security is run by a couple of fraudsters, one of them a jailbird, and has been dodging tax left right and center by hiding their dough in offshore tax havens in places like the Virgin Islands.




Readers of itsnotnormalisit.com already know this story, don’t we punters, because I broke it years ago.

Yes that’s right you MSM mugs, fueled by Kevvie’s constant supply of pink lemonades – we never let your drink run dry here at the Bunger – your humble correspondent spent many late nights at the Zillman Waterholes bar at the Geebung RSL pounding the typewriter in between dog races at Dapto, Ippy and Ballarat, breaking the story about the Wilson Security scandal by pumping out the articles you’ll read reprinted below.

We pumped out a whole lot more as well. but they got vanished by the law when a wide-eyed spark plug with deep pockets full of OPM (other people’s money) was played for a sucker by Hong Kong Tony’s cronies and eggon on into spending tens of thousands to shut down out old website archiebutterfly.com.

The front man and all round f*cking idiot was a bloke named Peter Simpson, the then head of the tub-thumping ‘left wing’ Electrical Trades Union, the mob whose former boss Dick Williams earns about half a million a year from superannuation fund board fees and was last spotted driving around Ipswich in a $300 000 car with Paul Pisasale in the back seat ducking down every time they drove past anyone that the former Mayor and long-time drug addict (bet you didn’t know that one) with a couple of page criminal rap sheet owed cash to, which meant he was duck-diving every 40 seconds or so.

This Simpson c*nt launched action against me after I took the piss out of him for doing a double flip on asset sales he’d pulled after the idiot who led the LNP charge against Anna Bligh woke up one day after another Can-Do state-owned sell off and went ‘Oh sh*t, what hell have I fucking done?’


I won’t go into the full story, but the long and short is that because the child abuse monster had broken out of the black box I’d locked it into 30 odd years ago and clobbered me on the head I’d been off work for 2 years, had lost 6 figures in income, and was trying to run a family on the missus’s previously punting change wage; couldn’t, so had to sell my 2 houses rather than pull the kids out of their private schools and let ’em starve; was living on the absolute bones of my f*cking arse and betting a dollar each way in silver on Saturday’s; had moved my homeless family into the oldies joint cos Mum had just been given the death knell and 3 months max to live, and I wasn’t putting her in any bloody hospital, and so between me and the missus and 2 poor little bloody teenage kids we were doing 24/7 palliative care; and I’d just been diagnosed with PTSD.

And then this f*cker from a movement I’d given nearly 2 decades of my life trying to help people comes along and – knowing full well all of the above circumstances, because his fat, useless, woman abuser of a lawyer had been told about them by my mate the judge – decides to go the bash just because (a) he was an egomaniac (b) cos he was f*cking stupid (c) cos the sharpies working for Hong Kong Tony who I’d been hammering knew it, and egged him on (d) because it wasn’t his money he was spending on seeking to heal his bruised and fragile ego was it? It was his bloody union members!

Good on ya fellas, and good on ya Peter ‘Sparky’ Simpson. That’s one for the working class. Give yourselves a slap iand a punch in the head from me ya f*cking idiots.

Anyway long and short is that as much as I wanted to defend the d*ckhead’s defo action and knew I’d win, I wanted to care for Mum a whole lot more, so I put a deal to the clown that I’d take the down the whole bloody website if he’d just go away, and because I’d been belting the crap out of his fat useless lawyer for his role in setting up union slush funds they said ‘Yeah! Yeah Sparky! Take the Bloody Deal!’ and he did, and in a fit of depression and pique and despair, but mainly because I had sh*ts, I deleted forever the whole f*cking lot, every one of the 3000 plus stories on my site.


He’s good looking this lawyer Luke Forsyth from Hall Payne Lawyers isn’t he?

The bloke Simpson’s got cancer now and the good mail is that he’s cactus. A lot of fellas reckon I should let what the c*nt did go and show a bit of respect ‘cos he’s dying. Well my f*cking Mum was dying too and he knew it, so I’ll show him exactly the same respect that he showed to my Mum when he tried to drag me into court when she needed me home to feed her baby food through a tube.

I’ll show Simpson the same amount of decency he showed my Dad, who also had cancer at the time and still does, and my wife and my kids and me.

Here it is mate                                              catch.

Harden up too sunshine, you’re supposed to be a tough guy. We’re all cactus by the time we get to the finish post mate, you’re nothing f*cking special. I’ll take you down to St Augustine’s at Hamilton and show you mum in the wall if you need convincing. I’ll show my grandparents, and my great-grandparents too if you like. You just gotta me quiet when the race jumps, cos if they can’t hear the call they’ll get the shits and probably jump out of their graves and strangle us.

Anyway the guts of the matter is that a whole bunch of my old stories are gone and you will have to trust me on them, but enough have survived as reprints on other peoples sites to enable tell you the truth of the matter, which is that Archibald J. Butterfly broke the story of the Wilson Security scandal almost 2 years before the Mainstream Media folk twigged to it, and even fed them up a bunch of cryptic clues to help them find the hidden eggs.

They’re a bit slow on the uptake though these folks – too busy regurgitating press releases I suppose – and it took them a long time to uncover the truth of what’s been staring them straight in the face.

Yet even when they’ve found it they’ve still f*cked it up, because Wilson have won a whole lot more than $400 million worth of government contracts, don’t you worry about that, they’ve simply done it through the back door hiding as a sub-contractor to Transfield, the company once run by a bloke named Tony Shepherd, the Abbott appointed Chair of the National Commission of Audit – now there’s a story tip for ya fellas – that hold the $2 billion plus master contract for the detention centers but do Sweet Fanny Adams, and in fact contract all the work out, most of it to guess who?

Wilson Security.

Go figure.


Owners: The Hong Kong Tony’s Dad’s Best Mate’s Kids Who Were His Best Mates Too Syndicate (Hong Kong T. Fung, The Mad Kwok Brother, The Crooked Kwok in the Can, The One Who Got Off, and a Whole Bunch of Triad Members).

Syndicate Manager: Western Sydney Giants Chairman Tony Shepherd.

Local Manager: The Dad of the colored haired chick, and her sister who pretends to play guitar, and her brother the lead singer all from the Brisbane Band Sheppard.

Sale Price: Lives, innocence, freedom, liberty, souls.

Anyway, a rolling stone gathers no moss and they play bloody good music too, and likewise Bunger boys do too, so when you’re finished reading yesterday’s news in today’s papers take a Captain Cook at something interesting in the next couple of stories we’re gunna publish this morning and ask yourself and the tin lids

‘Hey Geronimo! What the f*ck’s been going on here. Is this fair dinkum?’

Then jump over to our old Manus Leaks site and find out all.

Have a terrific Tuesday folks!