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Thomas Kwok Ping-Kong, one of the world’s richest men and an Evangelic religious fundamentalist, has in the best traditions of Jimmy Swaggart been exposed as a hypocrite, a crook and a fool after being found guilty of bribing Hong Kong’s second highest government official and being sent to the slammer for a 5 year stretch.

Hong Kong being Honkers, he probably won’t serve longer than 5 months, but it will be a bloody hard 150 days for a bloke rich enough to build a glass temple at the top of a skyscraper tower, and spend hundreds of millions constructing a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark under a bridge leading to the Honkers airport (Whoever would have known that the specifications of Noah’s Ark existed? Gold must have passed them to Tommy Kwok in a scroll, just like he delivered Rupert Murdoch absolution in a papal knighthood).

It is also a damning indictment upon Australian foreign investment policy, because the convicted crook is a close mate of ‘Hong Kong Tony’ Fung, the dodgy character who refuses to submit to probity checks in his quest to become a Queensland casino consigliere. When you come to understand the very real links between the Kwok’s and their childhood friends the Fungs – in particular the links between jailbird Tommy and Hong Kong Tony’s brother Tommy, who lives in Vancouver where the Kwoks have made a motza building skyscrapers – the picture starts to become a whole lot clearer.

But let’s set the Cairns Mirage aside for a moment and ask ourselves this – why is a company owned by a jailed Hong Kong Crook running the Manus Island Detention centre? And how the hell did they get the contract?

Over to you Sherlock.